Chapter 9 vocab

a group of people that is defined by a common culture or a set of values beliefs, lifestyles and more.
a belief that one culture of ethnicity is superior to another
emergent ethnicity
merging in order to form an ethnicity that was not necessarily strong in the past
resurgent identity
when a certain cultural aspect disappears and resurges at a later or different point
the mixing or adoption of a culture, while leaving behind the majority of a different culture
functional assimilation
a fusion of a group with a larger majority group, while the group fused holds on to aspects of their culture and still identify by it they behave as the majority behaves
ethnic neighborhood
synonymous with a ghetto, areas in a city that have concentrated population of a certain group
a distinct area where an ethnic group lives alienated from the majority population
synonymous with ethnic neighborhood, except found in suburban areas
ethnic islands
areas of ethnic concentration in rural areas
cluster migration
when an area is settled by a certain culture in mass
ethnic provinces
large areas associated with a particular ethnic group
refers to Beijing offering Han Chinese people to move to ethnic locations to liquidate the population
feminist geography
the belief that society shapes geography according to the gender it embodies
the behavior expected of men and women
an ethnic group originating in eastern Canada, on what is now known as Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick

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