Cities of the World-Russia Map Quiz

Located on the Absheron Peninsula

Major port on the Caspian Sea

Famous for its petroleum in the 19th century

The leading city industrial city in the coal-rich Donbass region of Eastern Ukraine

founded in the 19th century by a Welsh industrialist who was looking to start manufacturing steel.

population of the city is roughly half Ukrainian and half Russian

Kazan was the capital of the Tatar Khanate, which
ruled over Moscow.

city was eventually sacked by Ivan the Terrible, and the Tatars were massacred or converted to Christianity.

Today the city is roughly half Tatar and half Russian.

Located on the banks of the Dnieper

one of Europe’s oldest and most beautiful cities

position on an ancient trade route between Constantinople and Scandinavia, made it an
early commercial center and the center of Slavic culture until the Mongols sacked it in the 13th c.

the political, cultural and economic center of Russia

A minor rus (settlement) for many years, the Muscovites led the Slavic struggle against
the Tatar/Mongol conquerors and Moscow thus became prominent.

At 69?N, Noril’sk is the northernmost city in the world

connected to the Yenisey River, and the North Sea, by rail

site of a major nickel mine

Founded in the late 19th c. at the crossing point of the Trans-Siberian railroad over the Ob

grew as the Kuznetsk Basin (Kuzbas) to the east became the largest coal producing region in Russia

One of the finest ports on the Black Sea

major trade center since the ancient time of the Greeks.

conquered by Russia in the late 18th c. and has been home to their Black Sea Fleet ever since

Saint Petersburg
Located at the head of the Gulf of Finland on the Neva River

Peter the Great conquered the area in the early 18th c. to make Russia a maritime power

Russian capital

One of Central Asia’s oldest cities

lies on an oasis along the Chirchick

The city developed as a center on the Silk
Road from Samarkand to Peking, but more recently developed cotton and aeronautics industries.

Built on the Kura River in the 5th c. AD by the Georgian King at hot springs site

has long been known for its baths.

between the Black & Caspian seas has caused Turks, Mongols, Persians, Arabs and Russians to fight over it.

primary Russian port on the Pacific

originally a military outpost and
later the terminus of the Trans-Siberian Railroad

important and sensitive naval site, home the Russian Pacific Fleet

Located on the Volga River

built as a fort in the 16th c. to protect Russia’s expanding southern border

terminus of the Volga-Don Canal, begun in 1696 and completed in 1952, and is noted for the Battle of Stalingrad, which changed the course of WWII.

Located in the eastern foothills of the Urals

founded in the 18th century as an ironworks site and administrative center

construction of the Trans-Siberian Railroad and the shift of industries from the European plain to the interior.

Originally a small Russian convict settlement located on the warmer and more accessible southern end of Sakhalin Island

near Aniva Bay

Yuzhno has become the island’s political and economic center

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