Cities of the World









At what village was Napoleon Bonaparte defeated by the Duke of Wellington in 1815?

In what German city did Martin Luther nail his Ninety-Five Thesis to a door?
In what city could one visit the Kremlin?
Arlington, VA
In what American city is the Pentagon located?
New York City
In what city is the headquarters for the United Nations located?
Washington, D.C.
In what American city would one visit the Smithsonian Institution?
Chicago, IL
In what American city is the Sears Tower?
Philadelphia, PA
In which American city is Independence Hall located?
New Orleans, LA
In what southern city did Andrew Jackson win a battle before he heard that the War of 1812 was already over?
Florence, Italy
In which city did the Renaissance begin?
London, England
In what city was a great plague followed by a great fire in the 1660s?
The name of what city means “City of Peace”?
What city is considered a holy city by Jews, Christians, and Moslems?
What is the capital of Thailand?
Jamestown, VA
What was the first important settlement in the New World?
The Vatican City
What city is owned by the Roman Catholic Church and is ruled by the pope?
Honolulu, Hawaii
What is the southernmost capital city in the United States?
What is the capital of Vietnam?
London, England
What European city is the center of world banking and financing?
New Delhi
What city of India is known for having a large number of homeless people?
Venice, Italy
What European city uses gondolas as the means of transportation?
The Hague, Netherlands
What European city is the center of international law and the home of the International Court of Justice?
What city in Saudi Arabia is called the Holy City of Islam?
Washington, D.C.
What great American city is built on the Potomac River?
What South African city is the center of the world’s largest gold mines?
Mexico City
What modern capital was once the Aztec city Tenochtitlan?
New York City
What city was the first capital of the United States?
What is the only walled city in North America?
What Italian city is called the “City of Flowers”?
What large Oregon city is near Mount St. Helens?
What city is called the “Gateway to the Baltic”?
What European city was divided after World War II?
New Orleans
Which American city is famous for its French Quarter?

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