Climate Notes

is the day to day change in the air
is the average weather over many years
is all the weather such as rain,sleet,hail, and snow that falls to the ground from the atmosphere
is the degree of hotness or coldness of something such as water,or air usually measured with a thermometer
is the multi-layered band of gas that surrounds the earth.
ocean currents
are fast moving river like flows of water in the ocean created by the earths rotation
wind patterns
are ways the wind flows over the earth that are affected by the sun
windward side
the side of a mountain which the wind blows
rain shadow
the area on the side of a mountain away from the wind that recives little rain
leeward side
the side of a mountain away from the wind
cliamte is influenced by:
elevation,latitude,winds,ocean currents,largebodies of water.
weather is primaraly measured by:
temperature and precipitation

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