Countries Collage Ch. 7

This island is divided between Turkish and Greek nationalities.
These two countries emerged when a former satellite of the Soviet Union divided peacefully.
Czech Republic and Slovakia
This country was created after WWI uniting ethnicities that spoke similar Slavic languages.
This country includes the Darfur region where genocide is taking place.
When Balkanization occurred, this country emerged rather peacefully.
These African countries suffered horrific genocide in conflict between Hutus and Tutsis.
Rwanda and Burundi
It became a state in 1948.
One of these African countries fought a 30-year war of independence against the other.
Ethiopia and Eritrea
An “ethnostate” that has had conflict with immigrants from N. Africa.
The northern part of Iraq used to be part of this now non-existent country.
Where the Tamils (Hindu minority) are fighting the majority Buddhist Sinhalese.
Sri Lanka
When this country was invaded, WWII began.
This province is predominately French; in 1995 it avoided secession.
These former Soviet republics include Ukraine, Belarus & Moldova.
New Eastern European nation-states
Boers (Afrikaners or Dutch descendants) began Apartheid after the British gave this country independence.
South Africa
These former Soviet republics’ names include “stan” which means “land of.”
New Central Asian states
This mostly Muslim province is currently at civil war with Moscow.
These European countries were the first to withdraw from the USSR.
Baltic States: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
This country in the Horn of Africa was the site of “Blackhawk Down.”
This country’s state is made of 4 nations; is an example of devolution.
United Kingdom
These Countries in the Caucasus region have instability because of ethnic competition. (They are also former Soviet republics.)
Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia
The world’s largest multi-national state with 39 nationalities.
This country was absorbed into China by force in the 1950s.
Europe’s best example of a nation-state, it is 97% one ethnicity.
It’s plurality is Muslim; it suffered genocide by Yugoslavia in early ’90s.
Now separate from Serbia, its ethnic Albanians were persecuted under Slobodan Milosevic. NATO came to its aid in 1999.
The UDF and the IRA have use violence here to achieve political means.
Northern Ireland
This country has suffered political instability since 1975. In 2006, a militant group, Hezbollah, kidnapped an Israeli soldier and a short war began.
This country, once controlled by the Belgians, became independent as Zaire.
Dem. Rep. of Congo
The region in conflict between India and Pakistan; it is mostly Muslim.

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