Cultural Geography

insitiutions and procedures thru which citizens can express effective prefernces about leadres and policies. constraint on the exercise of power by the executives. guaranteed civil liberties to all citizens in their daily lives and in acts of political participation
leaders selected according to defined rules of succession. citizen participation is restricted or suppressed/ leaders exercise power with no legislative authority…
federal states
allocate strong power to units of local government within the country.
world’s largest states
russia, canada, united states
electoral geography
arrangement of electoral districts
boundaries within united states used
to create legislative districts
spreads opposition supporters across many districts but in the majority
concentrates opposition supporters into a few districts
links distant areas of like minded voters thru oddly shaped boundaries
political and military cooperation
the United Nations est 1945 most important global force for political and military cooperation
economic cooperation
most important elements of state power are increasingly economic rather than military ie china
systematic use of violence to intimidate a population or to force a government
state support for terrorism
3 levels of involvement: provoding sanctuary, supplying weapons money intelligence, and using terrorists to plan attacks
the process of improving the material conditions of poeple through the diffusion of knowledge and technology
human development index
measures a country’s level of development
inequality-adjusted HDI
modifies the HDI to account for inequality (decent standard of living, knowledge and health)
MDCs with high HDO
russia, japan, australia, and new zealand
gross national income
the value of the output of goods and services produced in a country in a year
this includes money that leaves and enters the country
gross domestic product
value os output of goods and services produced in a year. this doesn’t account for money that leaves or enters the country
economic indicators of development
primary sector (including agriculture) secondary (including manufacturing) tertiary (including services)

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