Daily Geography Week 17-20

Population density is the average number of people per square mile or square kilometer. Which state do you think has a higher population density. New Jersey of Alaska?
New Jersey
Which state in the United States contains the name of a country bordering the United States?
New Mexico
Long ago northern Asia and Alaska were connected. Today a strait separates the two lands and links the Arctic and Pacific Oceans. What is the name of that strait?
Bering. The strait is only about 150 feet deep. Long ago the water level of the oceans was about 300 feet lower than it is today, so what is now the floor of the stait was dry land.
Which distance is shorter, Luanda (Angola) to Recife (Brazil) or Maputo (Mozambigue) to Perth (Australia)
Luanda to Recife.
What is precipitation? Name as many forms of precipitation as you can.
Moisture falling from the air; rain, sleet, snow, hail, dew, frost. Frost is the deposit of ice crystals that forms when vapor in the air solidifies rather than forming dew.
What is a great circle?
A great circle is any circle, such as the equator, that divides the earth in half. Opposing lines of longitude also form great circles. Airplanes follow great circle routes because they are the shortest.
Which Great Lake is the only one that the United States does not share with Canada?
Michigan. The third largest of the Great Lakes, this lake borders four states: Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois.
Which continents are almost totally within the Western Hemisphere?
North and South America.
New Jersey’s population density is about 1,000 people per square mile. Does this mean that every square mile in New Jersey has about 1,000 people? Explain.
No. Population density is an average figure. Some places have more than 1,000 people per square mile. Others have far fewer.
What is the name of the large gulf on the northern coast of Australia?
What is another name for a line of latitude?
Parallel. The longest line of latitude is the equator, and each line gets shorter as one moves north or south from the equator toward the poles.
What country has the largest land area in the Western Hemisphere?
In which state, whose borders are North and South Dakota to the east, do the Rocky Mountains cover about 40 percent of the land surface?
Which country has the largest land area in the Eastern Hemisphere?
Russia. It spans eleven time zones.
Write a definition of geograhpy.
Definitions will vary. Note that geography is from the Greek words geo (earth) and graphia (description).
The United States has six standard time zones. From west to east they are Hawaii-Aleutian, Alaska, Pacific, _______, Central, and Eastern Standard Time Zones.
Mountain. The earth has 24 zones, one for each hour of the day. Each zone covers about 15 degress of longitude, but the zones’ boundaries are adjusted to avoid dividing states of countries.
Which of he following cities is the capital of Jordan: Beirut, Damascus, Ankara, or Amman?
Suppose you had to choose a location for a theme park. How would geography affect your choice?
May depend on comfortable climate, availability of transportation, nearness to population centers, relative levelness of land so that people don’t have to climb hills to get around the park, likelihood of flooding, and so on.
Name at least four deserts on three different continents.
Answers may vary.
Gobi Desert on the Asian Continent, Sahara and Kalahari on the African Continent, Great Sandy Desert on the Australian Continent, and the Gobi on the Asian Continent.
an area in the desert made fertile by underground water that comes to the surface.
Which is more mountainous, northern Asia or southern Asia?
Southern Asia. It has the Kuntun, Himalayas, and Hindu Kush. Mt Everest is in the Himalayas.
Ancient Native Americans of the Southwest lived in pueblos in an area where four states now meet. Name the states.
New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Utah. Called the four corners. This spot is the only point in the United States where four states meet.
Which two countries and one body of water border Uruguay?
Brazil, Argentina and the Atlantic Ocean.
From which major northern United States city can you drive south to enter Canada?
Detroit, Michigan
Name 3 large lakes other than the Great Lakes in the United States.
Some lakes include: Lake Champlain, Lake Okeechohee, Great Salt Lake, Salton Sea, Crater Lake.
An isthmus is a narrow strip of landing connecting 2 larger land areas, which Central American country is an isthmus?
Which countries border Switzerland?
France, Italy, Austria, Germany and Liechtenstein
How are the Arctic and Antarctic circles alike?
Both are the same distance from the equator and the poles.
Which division or part of South America is not an independent nation?
French Guiana
Is the middle of the United States an area of many plains or of many plateaus?
What is the difference between a pairie and a plain?
A prairie is a rolling or flat grassland that is usually treeless. A plain is flat land that may or may not be a grassland.
In general, where would you need lighter clothing, in Northern Europe or Central Africa?
Central Africa
Which is the second larger ocean in the world?
Is Bermuda north or south of North Carolina?
What is the name of the state in the United States that is divided into two parts by water and also has the largest fresh water border of all the states?

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