Demographic Terms

Data pertaning to the characteristics of human population.
Annual Income
The average income earned per person per year for a country.
A group based on common cultural heritage distinguished by custom nationality or race.
Litaracy Rate
the percent of adults in a country that can read and write.
Rual population
The people who live in the country side away from the city.
Urban Population
The people who live in the city away from the country side.
Cultural Trait
A certain trait that a culture shares.
Culture Region
An area where the magority of the people share the same culture.
Are when two counties depend on each other for their needs.
Cultural Borrowing
When 2 cultures share different traits.
A document og the past
Political; Economic; Religous; Social; Intellectual; Artistic
5 themes of geography
Location; Place; Movement; Human-Interaction; Region

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