DHS East Asia Terms

Kunlun Mountains
Located in the west of China & the source of the Huang He and Chang Jiang rivers
Qinling Shandi Mountains
Divides the northern part of China from the southern part
Huang He
A river that gets its name from the huge amounts of yellow silt it carries.
Chang Jiang
The longest river in Asia
Xi Jiang
A river that joins with the Pearl River and empties into the South China Sea
Gobi Desert
Located in northern China & southeast Mongolia; prime area for finding dinosaur fossils
Tropical storm that occurs in the western Pacific
Three Gorges Dam
Built on the Chang Jiang to help control flooding
Industrial pollutants that can cause disease and birth defects
Solid waste is buried between layers of dirt to fill in low-lying land
A series of rulers from a single family
Boxer Rebellion
The Chinese rebelled against European control
Mao Zedong
Former communist leader of China until his death in 1976
A belief system that stresses the importance of order, education, and hierarchy
Belief system that teaches that the individual should ignore the social order & seek harmony with nature
Economic Tiger
A nation that has a highly industrialized economy & trades with nations around the world
General of the emperor’s army in Japan
Served as a bodyguard for the warriors of a clan leader
Largest city in South Korea
Largest city in North Korea

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