DOG Folder Week 13-

What river forms Mexico’s northern boundary?
Rio Grande
Which coastal city would probably have a higher yearly average, one at 30 degrees north or one at 40 degrees north?
30 degrees North
Which state is just south of New Hampshire?
List the central American countries in ABC order.
Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama
What is the name of the largest desert in Southern Africa?
Which of the following is not a national capital: Paris, Madrid, Belfast, Geneva, or Warsaw?
Name the river that forms a border between Washington and Oregon?
Columbia River
What city, located on the Congaree River is the capital of South Carolina?
What Middle Eastern country that lies between Iraq and Afghanistan used to be called Peria?
The city of Shanghai in China is near the mouth of what river?
Chang Jiang (Yangtze)
Through which lake does the equator pass: Lake Victoria, Lake Malawi, or Lake Chad?
Lake Victoria
The north and south poles are the end points of __________________.
the prime meridian
Unlike lands near warm ocean currents, lands near cold currents may be cool and dry. The cold Peru Current passes near the earth’s driest desert. What is its name?
Atacama Desert
The meridian is the line of ___________.
What countries border Iraq?
Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Iran
Which state has a greater population, Alaska or New Jersey?
New Jersey
New Mexico has the name of a country in it that borders the US. What is it?
What direction is Warsaw, Poland from Moscow, Russia?
Libya is to Africa as Venezuela is to ________________?
South America
Which of the fifty states if farthest west?
Which country has a land border with Denmark?
The world’s deepest lake is just north of Mongolia in Russia? What is its name?
Lake Baikal
I am a large city, but I’m not in a state. I hold all fifty together. What is my name?
Washington D.C.
Who owns the peninsula called Baja (or lower California)?
Of the 27 countries that are less than 1,000 square miles in area, all but six are islands. Find the six that are not islands.
1) Vatican City
2) Monaco
3) San Marino
4) Liechtenstein
5) Andorra
6) Luxembourg
In 1922 a country called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic was formed. In 1991 the republics that comprised the Soviet Union split into 15 independent nations. The first 3 to declare independence are all on the Baltic Sea. The the three whose capitals are Talliin,Riga and Vilnius.
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.
Which mountain range is located between the Black and Caspian Seas?
Mountains and a river with the same name form most of the boundary between eastern Europe and western Asia. What is the name?
Which very large river in Brazil has its mouth at the Atlantic Ocean?
Who are closer to the equator: the nomads of the Sahara or the coffee growers of Colombia?
Coffee growers
Places near an ocean usually have warmer winters than places farther inland at the same latitude. Which city probably has warmer winters, the Brazilian seaport of Porto Alegre or Cordoba in central Argentina?
Porte Alegre
You leave the Miami port in your new yacht to travel to San Juan, Puerto Rico. In which direction should you be heading?
Does the Nile River flow from north to south, or from south to north?
South to north
What is another name for a line of longitude?
The tropic of Cancer is to the tropic of Capricorn as the Arctic Circle is to the _______________?
Antarctic Circle
What are the end points of the prime meridian?
North and South poles
Middle America is a term that is sometimes used for all the lands between the United States and South America. How is Middle America different from Central America?
Central America is part of Middle America, which also includes Mexico and the islands of the Caribbean.

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