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what continents dont have any land in the southern hemishpere?
north america and europe
which nation is further north egypt or greece?
which is larger red sea or mediterranean?
mediterranean 3rd largest in the world
the following are the four longest rivers in the world.. nile chang jian amazon mississippi what continents are they found in?
nile- africa
amazon- south america
changjian- asia
mississippi- north america
how many degrees are there between the tropics?
47 degrees
how many degrees are there between the equatar and the southern tip of greenland?
60 degrees
what continents does the artic circle pass through?
3 continents
north america
what is the naem of the body of water that seperates iran from saudi arabia?
persian gulf
what is the name of the bay that connects the atlantic ocean to the hudson straight?
hudson bay= largest bay
which country is the smallest in land area in central america?
el salvador capital san salvador
largest is nicaragua capital managua
what istmus connects north and south americawhat is a isthmus?
isthmus of panama
isthmus is narrow strip of land that connects 2 larger pieces of land
is most of africa north or south of the equator?
what natural boundry seperates texas from mexico?
rio grande river
a location exactly halfway between the equator and the north pole has a latitude of how many degrees?
45 degrees
what continent lies south of the atlantic ocean?
what desert is found in northern china and mangolia?
gobi desert
list 4 types of landforms and give example of each
deser- sahara desert, dry land
pennisula- surrounded by water on 3 sides
island- surrounded by water on all sides
volcano- explosive mountain mt st helens
isthmus narrow strip of land connecting 2 larger pieces of land isthmus of panama
if you were at 0 degrees latitude and 0 degrees longitude would you be walking or swimming?
swimming gulf of guniea or atlantic ocean
what continents does the arabian sea border?
africa and asia
what gulf is north of samalia and south of yemen?
gulf of aden
does the tagus river have its source or mouth in spain?
source= start
find nile river in africa. what two cities are located near its delta?
alexandria and cairo
what is the name of the only state capital (usa) with 3 words in its name?
salt lake city
what continents do not have only land in the southern hemisphere?
north america
which meridians divide the earth into eastern and western hemisphere?
international date line and prime meridian
would ou probably find a scale of 1 inch equals 1,500 miles ona map of your city state or world?
in what country doesnt 40 degrees north latitdue cross 40 degrees east longitude?
what is the capital of the country that is located on a long boot-shaped pennisula that juts into the meditterranean sea?
rome, italy
what is the only state capital west of 150 degrees longitude?
hannahlolu hawaii
the mouth of the panama river is located in argentina. in what country can its source be found?
what argentine river has the same name of one of the states in the US?
colorado river
what is the capital of the only state that has a coastline on the gulf of mexico and where the 100 degrees west longitude line passes through the state?
texas michigan mississippi alabama lousisana florida
austin texas
what landform is part of the northwest corner of africa?
atlas mountains
algeria moracoo
what is the name of a well known cape in the state of massachusetts?
cape cod
what natural boundry seperates tennessee and arkansas?
mississippi river
which direction does the nile river flow?
what large desert in africa is almost as big as the 48 contiguas states in the USA?
sahara desert
what is the southermost state in the USA?
what famous capes are found on the osuthern tips of africa and south america? which is father south?
hope and horn
what is the name of the salt lake located on the border between israel and jordon?
dead sea (lake)
land formed by soil deposited at the mouth of a river is called a …______ an example is __________
delta, nile delta, mississippi delta
what country is due south of egypt?
sudan largest land area in africa
if it is twilight in the western US what is it in the eastern US evening or night?
3 hours difference
what is the capital of the island nation southeast of greenland?
rakavek, iceland
what sea seperates the continents of europe and asia?
meditteranean sea
are the tropics of capricorn and cancer lines longitude or latitude?
what is the largest gulf in the world?
gulf of mexico
which north american country is narrow enough to be considered an isthmus
isthmus of panama
which hemisphere the northern or southern has the most land?
What is the landform that stretches all along the Western coast of South America?
Andes Mt – Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, Venezuela

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