DQ’s fRoM JaNuArY 26

what river runs west to east across the northern part of italy?
PO river
Does the prime meridian pass through the Artic Circle or the Anartic circle?
the amazon river in south america flows in what direction? what body of water does it flow into?
east,atlantic ocea
what 2 great lakes border wisconsin?
michigan and superior superior is largest
what is the names of the northern most state in the 50 united states?
which state would you most likey visit if you enjoyed mountain climbling, florida indiana or washington?
what is the largest gulf in the world?
gulf of mexico
which north american country is narrion enough to be considered an isthmus?
which hemisphere the northern or southern has the most land?
which country claims greenland?
what mountain range seperates india and nepal?
what is the closest ocean to mongolia?
what gulf is located to the east of the intersection of 100 degrees east longitude and 10 degrees west latitude?
gulf of thailand
what sea touches hong kong?
south china sea largest sea in the world
besides canada and mexico what is the next closest country to the usa?
what direction does the chang jiang (yangzte) river in china flow?
east starts in plateau of tibet ends in east china sea
is seoul in north or south korea?
what is the capital of the largest land area on the arabian pennisula
what is the name of the island in the caribbean sea that is largest in land area
What is the capital of the country that is bordered by libya sudan and israel?
cario egypt
what is the capital of arkansas?
little rock
on what large body of water is buffalo new york located?
lake eerie
what is the capital of the nation whose northern border is lebonan?
jerusalem israel
what mountains between the black and caspian sea?
caucasus mountains
is the kalahari desert of africa north or south of the equator? what countries can it be found in?
south, botsvana and south africa
put the following states in order from the farthests south to the farthest north: missouri alabama michigan wyoming
alabama missouri wyoming michigan
what western state in the 48 contigous states had the longest border with canada?
what are the capitals of the 2 large countries that occupy the irerbian penninsula in europe?
madrid spain lison portugel
what is the western most stae in the us?
what forms the natural boundry between argentia and uruguay?
uruguay river
what is the only colony on the south american continent? what is a colony?
french guinea colony is the settlment of one country owned by another country
what is the capital of the only nation that is a continent and techinally an island?
canberra austrailia
what 4 lines mark the middle latitude?
tropic of cancer tropic of capricorn artic circle antarctic circle
sudan is the country with the largest land area on what continent? what is its capital?
africa kharthoum
what waterway seperates the southern most tip of spain from the northern most tip of moracco? what is a straight?
straight of gibaltor,thin piece of water connecting 2 larger bodies of water
what is the landform in northwest africa that extends across moracco and alegeria?
atlas mountains
what 3 large islands are foudn off of the coast of italy and what countries do they belong to?
corsica, france; sardina, italy; sicily, italy
is the tropic of capricorn a parallel or a merdian?
what are the capitals of new york and new jersey?
albany, trenton

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