Eastern Europe- West Packet

What are 2 differences between the environment and resources of the Transcaucasus and of Central Asia?
a) rugged reigon,fertile soil, occupied by nonrussians
b) desert and grassland, steppes
Why do railroads and rivers rather than highways serve as the major transportation links between commonwealth cities?
a) more goods can be transported or traded
b) permafrost makes it hard to build roads
c) people can’t afford cars and gas is hard to find
Why did Russia’s czar insist on exporting wheat when there was not even enough food to feed the Russian people?
exported wheat, to help pay for imported manufacturing goods
How did Czar Nicholas II deal with the revolt in 1905?
a) He shot Russians
and b) exiled thousands
What were three problems facing Czar Nicholas II by 1917?
a) he was trapped in an unwinable war
b) people were hungry
c) the russian industrial revolution was imcomplete and urban people were rioting
In Russia’s civil wars, 1917-1921, the _____ or Communists fought the _______ who were supporters of the executed Czar.
Reds- communists
Whites- land owners/whites
What 3 economic difficulties did Lenin face?
a) facotry and farm production has plunged
b) farmers were keeping food and rioting
c) factories shut down due to lack of fuel
Why did Stalin want to make the Soviet Union a strong military power?
he didn’t want anyone to take advantage of them
How was Stalin’s policy regarding grain similar to the policy of Czar Nicholas II?
they sold food to modernize the country
What are 4 methods used byt the government of the Soviet Union in its attempt to impose the Russian language and culture on the non-Russian people?
a) their rights were taken away
b) non russsians languages were discouraged
c) religions were pursicuded and churchs were destroyed
d) russian was taught in school to eliminate non russian
What are 3 ways that republics began to exhibit their anger against the COmmunist central government?
a) declare independence
b) don’t pay taxes
c) change their names and pass new laws
What were 2 problems faced by both Mikhail Gorbachev and Lenin?
a) strikes in mines and factories
b) with holding food from the cities
What were the 3 elements of perestroika?
a) make communism for efficent
b) greater freedom of speech
c) all 15 republics under one central communist control
What 3 changes did Boris Yeltsin envision?
a) allowed for a free economy
b) more independence from Moscow
c) let go of the republics
What are 2 examples of how the Commonwealth of Independence States lags behind the technological world in consumer products?
a) housing in short supply
b) consumer good are hard to get
What are 4 examples of agricultural production problems facing the commonwealth?
a) 25% of production is on 3% of land which was privatley owned
b) low crop harvest
c) it was ahrd for farmers to get crops to markets successfully
d) don’t grow enough grain for animals in order to get meat from (short supply of meat)
e) young people were leaving the farms
What are 3 farm equipment and agricultural chemical needs facing the commonwealth?
a) lack of fuel, batteries and replacement parts
b) lack of functioning equipment
c) lack of fertilizer and pestisides
In what way does the industrial centralization create vulnerability?
if one goes down everything goes down
How does the commonwealth rankn in the wolrd’s resources of coal, natural gas, petroleum and minerals?
1/2 of the worlds coal and 1/3 of the worlds gas and the most petroleum in the world
What is the capital of Yugoslavia?
What is the capital of Hungary?
What is the capital of Austria?
What is the capital of Slovakia?
What are 2 benefits that the dam and locks at the Iron Gate have provided for Romania and Yugoslavia?
a) it creates river traffic to the Black Sea
b) provides hydroelctric power
What 3 forms of Christianity are found in Eastern Europe?
a) greek orthodocts
b) roman catholic
c) protestants
What 3 ethnic groups are fighting in former Yugoslavia?
a) Croats of Croatia
b) Muslims of Bosnia and Herzegovina
c) Serbs of Bosnia and Herzegovina
d) Yugoslavians
What are 4 reasons for low agricultural productions in Eastern Europe?
a) farmers were unhappy
b) communist government organized farmland (collective farms)
c) farm management was inefficent
d) there was deep resentment
What does Eastern and Western Europe share and what is it’s significants?
They share the Northern Plain and its significant becuase it provides food
What is perpstrokia and glashost?
change in the economic system and openess and freedom of speech
What was the order of the following russian rulersStalin, Karl Marx, Peter, Catherine, Yeltsin, Lenim, Nicholas, Gorbochov
Peter, Catherine, Karl Marx, Nicholas, Lenim, Stalin, Gorbochov, Yeltsin
What is the importance of Lake Bikal?
-It hold 20% of the worlds fresh water
-It’s the deepest lake
-Russians are polluting it

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