A monarchy is a form of government using Kings and Queens to make all desions and the public has no say.
An oligarchy is a form of government where a group of rich upperclass people make decions and somtimes listen two middle class.
In a tyranny, the tryant, usually someone from the milatary, overthrows the current leader and rulees however they want.
In a democracy, the rich men run the government. They vote on EVERYTHING that must be decided.
An alliance is something that to people/places have to support each other when they need it. (war, weapons, being attacked, ect.)
major causes of WW2
1)Germany had to pay because it “caused WW1”
2)Dictators rose to power- Joseph Stalin,Mussolini & Hitler
3)Hitler promises to fix Germany & make it strong. He blames the Jewish for Gemanys problems. Holocaust is created.
4)Germany rebuilt their army & invaded surronding countries breaking the treaty w/ Britan
5)U.S struggles w/ isolisum while Germany attacks Great Britan
6)Japan bombs pearl habor
A form of government where the few leaders do everything and people have no say in their culture.
Iron Curtain
an invisible wall that devided eastern & western europe.
How did the Soviet Union collapse
In the cold war during the “thawing period”, the Soviet union started to improve. Then a group of traditional leaders came & tried to take control. The countries protested aginst it a began to break away/
European Union
the E.U. was started by western europe countries to increase trade.
a system of money
Ural Mountains
A mountain range that divides Asia & Europe
The long range of mountains that run through several countries.
Mediterranean Sea
The sea that separates Europe and Asia
Atlantic Ocean
The ocean to the west of the Europe penninsula
English Channel
The gap of water that is under the U.K.& above France
Europe After the war
The continent waas divied into eastern & western europe. Easrtern europe had a bad economy and was brought close to collapse.

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