Exam 2

in its heyday the ussr stretched from central Europe to:
the Pacific Ocean
what percentage of the earth’s land surface did the ussr cover
Russia remains predominant in its region due to all of the following except its
strong currency
Which country is NOT one of the Post-Soviet States?
The term used to describe semiarid grasslands is:
European Russia’s most important river is the
Which area is home to some of the world’s largest reserves of oil and natural gas?
The west siberian plain
In which country in the region did the Soviet military set off more than 100 nuclear explosions?
The Chernobyl nuclear plant was located in:
The Lena, Ob, and Yenisy Rivers all flow into the:
arctic sea
The mountains of Northwest Africa that stretch from Morocco to Tunisia are the
Atlas Mountains
Which is NOT an important river of North Africa/Southwest Asia?
the amazon
Which of the following characteristics do all countries in North Africa and Southwest Asia share?
arid climate
In addition to the Nile and Euphrates rivers, which of the following is the third river of major distinction and longtime settlement in North Africa and Southwest Asia?
The vast majority of water use in North Africa/Southwest Asia is for:
agriculture production
Drip irrigation techniques were developed in:
The term salinization represents which of the following processes?
Salts’ being left behind in the soil as water evaporates
The Aswan Dams are located in
Which of the following is NOT a possible consequence of climate change in North Africa/Southwest Asia?
easier extraction of oil
What term describes the general drying of grasslands that is causing concern in North Africa?
What is the approximate population of sub-Saharan Africa?
800 million
Which of the following statements is NOT true of sub-Saharan Africa?
The nations of Europe had little to no interest in colonizing the region in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
According to the textbook, which country is NOT part of the sub-Saharan Africa region
The Democratic Republic of Congo was formerly known as:
The two largest continents are
Africa and Asia
Which mountain is located in Africa?
Which is NOT true of the physical geography of the African continent?
Its coastline is home to many natural harbors
Which desert is NOT located in Africa?
The Rub’al Khali
Which of the following statements does NOT describe Africa before European contact?
Societies based on mining and iron smelting developed.
The only two European nations never colonized by Europe are:
Liberia and Ethiopia
Which country is NOT considered a part of the South Asia region?
The large island off the southern coast of India is:
Sri Lanka
.  Because South Asia has clear physical boundaries that set it apart from the rest of the Asian continent, the term _______________ is often used to refer to the entire Indian peninsula.

.  Why has India renamed several of its large cities, with Calcutta becoming Kolkata and Bombay becoming Mumbai?


To replace the names given to those cities during British colonial rule
Which ocean surrounds the Indian subcontinent
Because of its high degree of tectonic activity, South Asia is prone to:
earthquakes and tsunamis
The abundance of rainfall during summer in South Asia is amplified by:
the ITCZ
Which of the following provides, in a single word, a basic description of the South Asian landform?
The country with the most people vulnerable to the effects of a rise in sea level is:

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