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What cultural and physical characteristics define the region of Central Asia?
The historical unity of the region?the similarity of the environment?the recent re-entry of this region into global geopolitics all of the above
What is the primary reason for the shrinking of the Aral Sea?

Over irrigation

Since the 1960’s, how much of the Aral Sea’s surface area has been lost? 



In which region of Central Asia is oil pollution worst? 

Around the Caspian Sea

What transportation technology must be constructed before the oil wealth of Central Asia can become economically viable? 


What is the name of the collapsible, felt-covered structures that Mongolians live in as they tend their herds of sheep and cattle? 


What is the name of the type of livestock that is specially adapted to live in the cold, high-altitude climates of Tibet and Mongolia? 


What is the name of the region in Central Asia that lies 500 feet below sea level, and is famous for its fruits and melons? 

Fergana valley

Which Central Asian body of water has shrunken considerably since the 1960’s?;

 Aral sea

What is the Pamir Knot?? 

A complex tangled of east-west and north-south trending mountain ranges on the borders of Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, and China

What geologic event created Central Asia’s mountain ranges??

The collision of the Indian sub-continent with Asia

In the Tarim Basin, where do most of the people reside? 

In the foothills of the mountains along the basin’s edge

Kazakhstan, like other former republics of the USSR, has experienced a substantial migration of people out of the region since the Soviet Union broke up. Who are these migrants and why are they leaving? 

They are ethnic Russians returning to the Russians returning to the Russian homeland after the end of the policy of russification

Since the 1960’s, where has the largest proportion of migrants to Tibet and the western provinces of China come from? 

Han Chinese from eastern china

Where is Uygur the main spoken language? 

The Xingjiang Uyghur province of china

What is the religion of the Uygur people western China?? 


Followers of which religion in Central Asia suffered brutal persecution when China invaded Tibet?  

Lamaist Buddhism

Lamaist Buddhism is most closely associated with which country of Central Asia? 


What is the Dalai Lama’s relationship to Tibet? 

He is a religious leader?He is a political leader?He speaks for the Chinese government

Which country of Central Asia was NOT previously a republic of the former USSR? 


The Russian war in Afghanistan:

continues to this daywas started by Islamic fundamentalists?was a major victory for the Soviet military?quickly eradicated the communists as a significant force in the country resulted in Taliban control of most of the country in 1997?continues today

What is the name of the ultra-orthodox Islamic group that was in power in Afghanistan until the United States military intervened in the fall of 2001?


Since 1999, which Central Asian country has been the world’s largest producer of opium?  


Why does the Taliban allow poppy production?? 

They tax poppy crops to fund their organization, and farmers would revolt if they attempted to end production

What was the source of the military dominance of Central Asia’s nomads before 1700’s?

domesticated homes

Which Central Asia areas are under Chinese control??

?Tibet and Xinjiang Uyghur

Why is Azerbaijan included with ‘the Stans’ as part of Central Asia?? 

Culturally similar

Which of the following terms best describe the climate in Central Asia??



What is the name of the language spoken in ****stan? 

Uzbek, Turkmen, Kazakh, Kyrgyz

Which mountain range, located in Russia is generally considered to be the geological division between Europe and Asia?

The Rockies The Andes The Urals The Alps

Why has the population of the Russian Black Sea sturgeon declined?

Over-fishing to harvest cavier

What political union was the central feature of Russian geopolitics (and the ‘enemy’ of the US) prior to 1991? 

The ussr, the union of soviet socialist republics

Which country is the largest (by area) in the world?? 


What is a major limitation to transportation in the Russian Domain??

The amount of territory in the region, things are so far apart

What is the name of the vast conifer forest in Siberia??


Where is Siberia?

In the northern parts of the country, east of the ural mountains

In what part of the Russian domain does most agriculture occur?? 

The southwest, it’s the warmest and has the best soils

Russia contains what percentage of the world’s known natural gas reserves?? 

One third

Why is the Trans-Siberian Railroad important to Russia??

it connects the eastern and western parts of the country

What are limitations to Russia’s development of agricultural resources?? 

Climate(too cold) and the poor soils

Which country(ies) in the Russian Domain have subtropical agricultural zones?? 

Georgia, southwest russia

Why is Siberia, despite being sparsely populated, heavily polluted? 

Economy based on resources extraction under the soviet regime, which had little concern for environmental issues

In which part of the Russian Domain are the highest population densities found?? 

in the west, in European Russia

Where was the Gulag Archipeligo located? 

Scattered all across Russia

The population in Russia is_______________ in size. Increasing very rapidly

Increasing steadily?Generally stable or slightly decreasing. 


What was Russification?? 

the adoption of Russian language and culture ( whether by choice or not) as a part of membership in the USSR

What is the Commonwealth of Independent States? 

A political organizations that is comprised of the most of the former soviet nations

What is the main language spoken throughout the Russian Domain? Russian

Which Russian city is the largest city in the Russian Domain, the core

of modern Russia, and the former core of tsarist Russia? 



What is a mikrorayon? 

A state-planned living complex of apartments

Kaliningrad is a portion of Russian territory that lies outside of Russia’s contiguous land area, what term is used to describe this type of territory? 


Which two cities does the trans-Siberia railroad connect?? 

Moscow and Vladivostok

What is the name of Russia’s main eastern port (Russia’s connection to shipping in the Pacific



Which country(ies) in the Russian Domain maintained close and relatively friendly, ties with Russia after they gained independence from the Soviet Union? 

Urkaine, moldova , Belarus, Georgia, and armania 

Chernobyl is located in which country?


Which country was most affected by radiation from the nuclear disaster that took place in Chernobyl?


What is a major physical (geological) limitation in Russia’s invasion of Georgia? 

The Caucus Mountain

?What is/are reason(s) that Russia might want to invade Georgia? 

Oil pipelines, agricultural lands, vacations homes

What is a “Polder”? 

Area of land reclaimed from below sea level in the Netherlands

What is the primary purpose of Dutch windmills? 

to pump water to keep the land dry

In which region of Europe are environmental conditions the worst?

Eastern Eourpe

How does the environment of Eastern Europe compare to that of Western Europe? 

Dirtier, under soviet control, environmental concerns were low priority

Which of the following countries is located on the European Lowland? 


Which country are the Basque people trying to achieve independence from? 

Trying to separate from Spain, to get independence. ( known as terrorist

Which body of water forms the southern boundary of Europe??

Mediterranean sea

Which of the following pairings of climate type and regions in Europe is correct? 

Atlantic Coast: maritime climate

Which body of water forms the southern boundary of Europe??

Mediterranean sea

Which of the following pairings of climate type and regions in Europe is correct? 

Mediterranean sea

Which country in Europe has the largest population in the region??


Which country in Europe is the wealthiest in the region? 


What stage of Demographic Transition is Europe in?? 

Late Stages, low birth rates, low death rate

What is the major reason why people are migrating from Eastern Europe to Western Europe? 

Looking for employment opportunities in western eourpe

Which three language groups are the most common in Europe (90% percent of Europeans)? What do the letters in NATO stand for? 

Salvic, Germanic, Romance

How does the latitude of Europe compare to the latitude of North America?

? Europe is about the same as Canada and the Northern half of the US

Europe and North America are in completely different latitudes

Why is the climate in Europe warmer than you would expect based on its latitude? 

Warm ocean  currents in the atlantic

How does Europe compare to the United States and Canada in terms of size and population? 

Smaller in the surface area, but it has a larger population

What fossil fuel was important for fueling the much of the early industry in Europe? 


What important resource is extracted from the North Sea? 

Oil, Coal, Iron, Aluminum, or Gold

What role(s) do(es) Europe play in globalization? 


struggler redefiner?all of the above

Europe has helped to redefine globalization by having many countries use a common currency. What is the name of that currency? 


The European borders have been stable for about how long? 

Some of them have changed within the last two decades. They have not changed for over 50 years?They have not changed for over 100 years

What is Europe doing to protect its many regional food specialties? 

Legal protections such as the protected designation of origion

What is Europe doing to protect its many regional food specialties? 

Legal protections such as the protected designation of origion

What is Schengenland? 

A group of countries wihthin which you can travel freely without the need for a visa

What are some of the nations in Europe that have been having severe financial problems? 

Ireland, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Belgium

Which country has the worst financial problems in the Eurozone? 


What are some of the large financial issues that have been affecting European states? 

Increased labor pool, younger populations, cultural variety

What benefits do immigrants to Europe provide?      

Increased labor pool, younger populations, cultural variety

What potential difficulties do immigrants to Europe provide? 

Flooded the market with labor could depress wages, cultural clashes

Which European country is double landlocked? 


Which Eastern European country led the transition from a state-directed to a privately owned economy? 


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