Exam Review

human/environment interaction
the way humans interact (destroy improve) their environment
absolute location
the latitude and longitude o fa place
activity space
mental map of the areas where your daily activity takes place
the expansion of economic political and cultural processes to the point that they become global (interdependence)
Referring to the cholera epidemic in London, by 1865, what had people learned to take precautions against to avoid contracting the disease?
Contaminated Water
Sense of Place
state of mind derived through the infusion of a place with meaning and emotion.
cultural complex
related set of cultural traits
cultural diffusion
the expansion and adoption of a cultural element from its origin to a wider area
stimulus diffusion
a form of diffusion in which cultural adaptation is created
contagious diffusion
the distance controlled spread of an idea
distance decay
the effect of distance on interaction
environmental determinism
the environment determines how we will be
environmental possibilism
the environment could possibly determine how we will be
for the world to maintain a replacement level, what must the fertility rate be?
How do countries with aging populations lessen the strain on the economy and stimulate their economic growth?
arithmetic density
population of a country or region expressed as and average per unit area
physiological density
the number of people per unit area of arable land
***which continent are the world’s 3 largest population concentrations located?
Asia or Eurasia
Unlike the above population concentrations, Europe’s population concentration is directly related to its ______
coal fields
The largest concentration of population in the U.S. is located in which area?
The northeastern megalopolis
Thomas Mathus’ Population theory
Food supplies grew arithmetically but population grew geometrically meaning our population would grow much faster than food so eventually we would starve
India in acted what population policy in 1970?
Forced Sterilization of Men
What are the 3 aspects of population
Birth, Death, Immigration
favoring of people with good genetics (promotion of birth control among certain groups)
How many illegal immigrants live in the U.S. currently
10 million
periodic movement
temporary recurrent relocation (army)
seasonal periodic movement of pastorilists and livestock
cyclic movement
movement that has a closed route repeated seasonally or anually
nomadic movement
movement along a definate set of places
a change in residence intended to be permanent
What country was involved in BOTH forced and voluntary movement
Ravenstein’s Study of Migration
1. migrations flows generate a flow of counter migration
2. Most migrants move short distances
3. Migrants who move far tend to pick big cities
4. Urban Migrants move less
5. Families are less likely to make international moves
gravity model
Big Cities pull more people in
What 4 present-day countries are the locations of the 4 ancient cultural hearths
India, China, Egypt, and Iraq
3 Major aspects these cultural hearths had in common
Fresh Water, Favorable Climate, Fertile Soil
folk culture
cultural traits such as dress modes, dwellings, and traditions
popular culture
cultural traits like fashion
local culture
aspects of popular culture with a local flair
non-material culture
beliefs and practices of a group of people
E. Relph used what word to describe the effect of popular culture on the quality of American Landscape
Eight Stages of Genocide
1. classification
2. symbolization
3. dehumanization
4. organization
5. polarization
6. preparation
7. extermination
8. denial
creole language
language beginning as a pidgin language then being adopted as the mother tongue
lingua franca
business or trade language

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