Game Project

Where is Marseilles located?


What is a name for a landform that is completely sorrounded by water.
on Which landmark is the Gulf of Mexico located, (N,S,E,W,SE,NE,SW,NW,).
On what ocean is the Baffin Island Located and what longituded and latitude.
Artic Ocean
In which direction is the country Iraq (N,S,E,W).
What Sea is in between Turkey and Israel.
Red Sea
What ocean is in between the U.S and S.A
Atlantic Ocean
What is the name of Earths 8th Continent before they knew it was myth?
Where would you be at 0 degrees latitude and 0 deree longitide?
South Pole
Where would you be if you were at 18 degrees latitude and -18 derees longitude?
what is the longest River in the world and runs for 4,132 Miles and (6,650 Km) and has 4 cities. It also has 3 Bridges.
Nile River (Africa)
What is the 2nd longest river in the world that runs for over 3,977 Miles and (6,400Km)

Amazon River

On what continent is the region of bosnia located
Where is the Region of Tanzania Located.
What latitude and longitude is brazil located at.
Where is the liberian desert.
What river is the 3rd longest river in the world, that is (3,195 Miles) and (6,380 Km).
Yangtze River.
What is the fourth largest river in the world, that is (3,900 Miles) and (6,300 Km). 98.5 % of this river is located in the U.S.
Mississippi River
What is the name of the fivth largest river in the world. That is (3,445 Miles) and (5,539 Km), this river includes several dams.
Yenisei River.
what is the sixth largest river in the worl that equals (3,010 Miles) and (4,845 Km)
Yellow River
In what area is the Arabian Desert Found.
In what land area is the worlds smallest island found.
What is the name of the seventh largest river in the world. That is (3,364 Miles long) and (5,410 Km)
Ob-Irtysh River.
What is the name of the Eighth Largest River in the World. That is (2,922 Miles long) and (4,700 Km)
Congo River
What is the name of the ninth largest river in the world.that is (2,700 Miles) and (2825 Km)
Amur River
What is the name of the Tenth Largest Rver in the World that measures up to (2,800 Miles) and (4,400 Km)
Lena River
Which present day nation would you expect to find descendents of bantu

Cameroon, Sudan, Congo, Kenya, Angola,

Botswana, Etc.

If the Great vallet is still wideing in Africa what 5 lakes might affected by the sea form. 
Lake Nyasa,Lake tanganyika,Lake Edward,Lake Albert,Lake victoria.
What countries include a marine west coast.
Why was the Sahel  a keyhole region in the ancient world.
Trade routes between Africa and the Med Sea.
What crops can be grown in S Nigeria.
Cocoa trees, oil plants, rubber trees, and peanuts
What Problems does the D.R.C face.
trying to devolop peace to pretect people
how have natiolns along africas coast taken the advantage of the location over centuries.
They used their location to devolop trade routes and economy.
How have the Coups played a part in the Govermental history of this time in this region.
Coups Threatened the Esteblished of the Gov and made the economy development difficult.
What new econmic practice is find success in Africa
to organize local resources and develop micro buisness.
What are the causes of Nigeria’s problem.
Lack of unity and weak central Gov.
List 4 features that become symbols of kenya.

Rolling Savanna Lands

Highland coffee Plantations

Nomadic Masai people

Spectacular national parks

Why is loation such a great asset to the nations of the horn of Africa. 
It is between the oil supplies of the Middle East and the shipping lanes of the Med Sea. 
What is the cause of conflict in Sudan
here is Strife Between the mulims and the Christians
What changes did the English Railroad bring to Kenya.
The new Capitol city was Nairobi and it encouraged the settlement in the Central Highlands.
What was the result of the Kenya Challenge of the British in the 1950’s.
the Kenyans were Defeated cause they got a new leader the people emerged in Jomo Kenyatta.
What shift has taken place in the Gov of Tanzania
The Gov has Abonded Sociliasm for Democracy
How did a white minority come to gain power in predomianyly black populated South Africa.
Through a long period of migration into black migration and taking ober the landsfrom blacks.
Give 2 reasons for the change in the White South African Gov’s policy toward Black South African. 
Forgein Gov’s imposed sanctions and Blacks applied pressure through protests.
What is the name of the imaginary line in the center of the Earth.
What are the names of the Earths 4 largest Oceans.
Artic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean
How many Contigeous States are there
What is the features of the temperate climate.
Some rain and its Cold.
Is the Tropic of Cancer North or South of the Equator. 
What are the names of the 7 Continents on earth
Africa, Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Antartica.
What is the Name of a landform that is completely sorrounded by water.
What Changes took in South Africa after the Presidential Election of F.W de Klerk.

Nelson Mandela was Freed From Prison  Apartheid Was Repealed

Black South Africans were allowed to Vote.

What is the southern most point in the world called
South Pole
What are three Capes near the Cape of good hope.
Cape Cod, Cape Horn and Cape Haze
What is a Cape.
A shallow Ocean between two lands.
How does Proximity to the Republic of South Africa affect the countries of Malawi and Botswana
Both Countries have strong Economic ties to South Africa
What are three ways in which the Southern African countries of Angola and Mozambique share a similar past.

Both were portugese Colonies

Both Won independece in 1975

Both adopted Communism

Both have suffered in Civil Wars.

What is a defenition od the Gulf of Aden.
an arm of a Sea or Ocean Partly Enclosed by land, larger than a bay
What is a part of a map that tells where everything is.
What line measures the distance East and West of the Prime Meridean
What city label would be next to the star symbol in the State of Texas
Which Pole is not located on a Continent/Map
North Pole
In which part of the U.S. is Washington Located
What two Continents are located on a single landmass.
What direction would you travel to get to North Carolina from South Dakota
South East
What are the 4 Times Zones found in the U.S.
(Mountain, Central, Eastran, Pacific)
What is the name of the Island off the Coast of the Red Sea
Baffin island
What sea is bordered by Europe, Africa and Asia
Artic Ocean
If you include Minnesota, Louisiana, Alaska and Hawaii, how many states are west of the Mississippi River

What does the circle with a star mean on a map


What lines measure distances from either side of the equator
lines of latitude
List the 5 Great Lakes
Huron, Erie, Michigan, Ontario and Superior
What continents touch the 70 degree W line of longitude
Antartica, North America, and South America
What is the capital of Switzerland
What do green areas on a physical map usually mean
Grassy plains
What is the name of the largest bay in the world
Bay of Bengal
Is the Artic Circle closer the the equator of the South Pole
What is the capital of the country that has a border with Hungary and a coastline on the Black Sea
Bucharest, Romania
What two states are not part of the contiguous United States
Alaska and Hawaii

A state is to the United States as a ________

is to Canada

What line of latitude divides the Earth into Northern and Southern Hemispheres

What three countries in South America are in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres


Ecudor, Columbia and Brazil
In what direction does the Missouri River flow
North to South
Lake Michigan is in what direction from Lansing, Michigan
What is the capital of Chile
Which country has more land, North America or South America
North America
On what continent are the great lakes
North America
What is the capital of the only state that shares part of its borders with Iaow, Nebraska, and Minnesota
Pierre, South Dakota
Port-au-Prince is the capital of what country in the Caribbean
How many African countries does the equator pass through
What is the name of the third largest ocean in the world
The Indian Ocean
What is the capital of the United Kingdom
What time zone lies between Eastern Standard and Mountain Standard time zones
Central Standard


What is the nation that ended the apartheid system of enforced segregation in the early 1990’s

South Africa, Africa
What is the line of latitude called that is located at 23 degrees 30’south
tropic of capricorn
In what ocean would you go swimming if you were in San Diego, California
Pacific Ocean
What is the capital of South Carolina
What scandinavian country has the highest overall popluation
Is the tropic of Cancer a parallel or meridian
What is the capital city of the Netherlands
Where is the Great Smokey Mountains National Park
Khartoun is the capital of what country
What is the name of the eastern most island in the mediterranean Sea
What baseball team plays its home games outside of the United States
Toronto Blue Jays
What two countries are part of the peninsula that is located west of Japan
North and South Korea
What sea is between Vietnam and the Philippines
South China Sea
What is the only state that has coastline on four of the five Great Lakes
What is the only Central American country that borders four other countries
What sea is between Greece and Turkey
Aegean Sea
What state has the highest average elevation
On what continent is the worlds longest river located
The Nile in Africa
What is the capital of Pennsylvania
What is the name of the southernmost of the major Hawaiian islands
What is the capital of Liberia
What is the country that has a southeastern border with Mynamar
 Dhaka, Bangledesh
What is the capital of the country whose southern neighbors are Switzlerland, Liechtenstein and Austria
Berlin, Germany
What is the name of the large bay found between Maryland and Virginia
Brooklyn Bay
On what great lake is Toledo, Ohio located
Lake Erie
What state has the longest border with Alabama
If you were in Lisbon, Portugal you would be on the coast of which ocean
Atlantic Ocean
is Central America on the North or South American Contintent
North American
What are the 3 countries in the world with the largest land area
Russia, Canada, U.S and China
What is the capital of the State that has a Northern border with South Dakota and aSouthern Border withwith Kansas
Lincoln, NE
Which hemisphere has more land the Eastern or the Western
The largest lake in the the world is located near the borderof Asia and Europe. what is its name.
Caspian Sea
What is the name of the country that shares the liberian Peninsulawith Spain
Florida is a state known for its sunshine, How is sunshine anatural resource
It contributes to the economy, agriculture and tourism.
Name the Geat lakes that Border Canada
Superior Lake, Erie Lake, Huron Lake, Ontario Lake
Compare the way that people living on a lake might use it as a natural resource with the that people living on a ocean might use it as a natural resource
It could Provide food, recreation and income tourism
What chain of islands lies between Florida and Haiti
Columbia/ Puerto Rico
Rivers west of the rocky mountains flow toward the _________  Ocean
Pacific Ocean
Damascus is capita of what country
North Korea and South Korea.
What would be the shortest route from South America to Africa
Brazil to South Africa
Which country in Africa has the Greatest Population
South Africa
Find 2 large Peninsulas that touch waters of the Gulf of Mexico
Florida Peninsula, and the Yucatan Peninsula
eWhat is the only human built structure that is visible from space
The Great Wall of China
What valuable natural resource is found in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Mexico, and Venezuela.
What is the widest state in the U.S.
Does buenos Aires lie at the mouth or the source of the Parnara River
What is the Capital of the country that occupies the eastern half of the island of New Guniea
Port Mosby
Cuba is located in which hemisphere
Which is longer, the North sea or the Mediterranean Sea
Mediterranean Sea
What is the Capital of the North American nation (Excluding Panama) that is closest to the panama Canal.
San Jose ,Costa Rica
What neighboring state is due south of Montgomery, Alabama 
List 4 uses of Crude oil
Gasoline, Pesticides, Wax, Lubricants
Which State extends further west.
What Sea borders Indias West Coast
Ariel Sea
Belize is in what direction from Cuba
South West
What is the Capital of the European Country that is the shape of a boot.
What is the Southernmost State of the 48 Contiguous States

What Direction would you be going if you were trying to find the English Channel

North East

What deirection are you

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