Gazprom is the world’s largest what?
Gas supply company
What fraction of the world’s gas reserves does Gazprom control?
How much of Russia’s gas production is Gazprom responsible for?
How much of the EU’s natural gas is provided by Gazprom?
How much of Britain’s gas is supplied by Gazprom?
4% (but could soon rise to 10%)
How much of Gazprom’s exports to Western Europe pass through Ukraine?
What is a transit state?
A country or state through which energy flows from producer to consumer
Which countries rely solely on Gazprom for energy supplies?
Boznia-Herzegovina, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, and Slovakia
How large a company is Gazprom?
The world’s 3rd largest
When did was Gazprom started?
Why does Gazprom have such close links with the Russian government?
The government owns 50.002% of the shares.
What is one way in which Gazprom is a benefit to Russia?
It provided jobs for 432,000 people in 2006
Why are Russia’s gas reserves important to regaining its status as a global player?
Increased Russia’s power in the region, especially in ex-Soviet states; given Russia a way to regain geopolitical importance
What happened in Ukraine in November/December 2004?
It had the Orange Revolution, where the pro-Russian government was overthrown for a pro-Western one.
What happened in Ukraine in January 2006?
Ukraine’s supply of gas from Gazprom was cut off, because Gazprom quadrupled the price and Ukraine’s government refused to pay.
Why did Gazprom cut Ukraine’s gas supplies in March 2008?
Ukraine wanted to join the EU and NATO, which angered Russia, though Gazprom claimed they cut the gas off because of debt
What happened in some areas of Europe when Gazprom shut the pipeline in 2006?
Flows of gas fell to 40%
Why are former Soviet states most likely to have the least secure supplies from Gazprom?
Gazprom cannot cut internal supplies within Russia and exports to Western Europe are too valuable to lose.
Why is Europe’s energy supply likely to stay secure?
Gazprom is building more pipelines that bypass Ukraine and Belarus
Why is the Nord Stream pipeline an advantage for Western Europe?
It will run along the bed of the Baltic Sea so will have no transit countries and be less vulnerable to political interference
Where will the South Stream pipeline run?
Under the Black Sea, from the Russian to Bulgarian coasts.
What is the Nabucco pipeline?
A pipeline that will bring gas from Central Asia through Turkey to Europe, giving Europe a more secure energy supply
What is the disadvantage of the Nabucco pipeline?
It will have a small capacity and could only supply 5% of Europe’s demand
What is the South Caucus pipeline?
A pipeline bringing gas from Azerbaijan to Europe through Turkey

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