Geog 120 Test #1

Absolute location
refers to exact location – latitude and longitude
accident of history
when stuff just randomly happens. ex/bringing over disease
Cape Fear
southeastern NC extending into Atlantic
Centrifugal force
cultural and political forces that pull away from and weaken nation/state
Centripetal force
cultural and political forces that promote political unity in nation state
Columbian Exchange
exchange of biota and other goods and disease from Europe to America
Comparative advantage
ability of a party to produce a good/service at lower opportunity cost than others
land gets more thermal variation than water because lands lower specific heat level
African, European and some Amerindian elements. Caribbean.
degree of compactness in a place
Dependency ratio
ratio between those of working age and of non-working age
Edge city
relatively large urban area on outskirts of city
in Mexcio it’s a piece of land farmed communally under state
Emergent coast
land is rising relative to sea level
belief in the superiority of one’s own ethnic group
process of urban revitalization high-income residents displace lower income residents
Green Revolution
productive agriculture techniques developed. Hybrid plants of non-working age.
large estate or plantation with a main house in Spanish speaking countries
a large estate or landholding held by a family
lingua franca
agreed upon language to facilitate communication on specific topics in world. like accounting business stuff.
manufacturing belt
local economies specialize in large scale manufacturing
assembly plants on Mexican border built by foreign capitol, export USA
Maritime climate
moderated by proximity to oceans and seas. cool, cloudy wet and non extreme.
Maroon societies
where runaway slaves go
largest settlement cluster in the US
European and Indian mix
European and African mix
agreement made between North America that reduced barriers to trade
National origins
nationality is membership of nation or sovereign state
physiologic population density
a total population of a country or region to the area of arable land it contains
post-industrial society
society that has moved past the stage of heavy industry to an economy that is mainly centered on professions
relative location
explains location in reference to other places. descriptive tool
internal locational attributes of a place, including the local spatial organization and physical setting
submergent coast
land in sinking relative to sea
syncretic religion
feature blending diff belief systems. Latin America animist and Christian
Tierra caliente
hot. distinct tropical climate
tierra fria
cold land. mountainous regions Latin America with cooler climate
tierra helada
frozen land. highest places found with Andes mountains
tierra templada
temperate land. places at moderately high elevation
transition zone
ex/ Texas transition from Mexico to US
triangular trade
system of trading which country pays for it’s imports by its exports
african and indian mix
arithmetic population density
population of country or region expressed as an avg. per unit area
external locational attributes of a place, its relative location or regional position with reference to other non-local situations

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