Geography # 1 – # 72

1. What is the name of the capitol of Kentucky?
2. What is the name of the capitol of the United States of America?
Washington D.C.
3. What country do you live in?
United States of America
4. Name two of the earth’s four oceans.
Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic
5. Which has more people living in in it, a city or neighborhood?
6. Name the ocean that does not end in the letter “c”?
7. The largest bodies of water on earth are called?
8. In which country do you live Canada, United States, or Mexico?
United States
9. Our country is made up of fifty parts. What are these called?
10. A _____ is a drawing of part of the earth on a flat piece of paper.
11. What is the name of the state in which you live?
12. A map’s symbols are small drawings of real things. What symbol might be used to show an airport?
13. A capital city is where the government leaders work. What is the name of your state’s capital city?
14.Are the largest bodies on earth called mountains, continents, or countries?
15. Is the U.S. a city, a state, or a country?
16. A map’s key “unlocks” what the symbols stand for on a map. What symbol might stand for a highway?
17. Which map would show the most land, one of a state or city?
18. Besides oceans, what other bodies of water can be found on earth?
Lake, pond, streams, and rivers.
19. Which has water all around it, a lake or an island?
20. There are seven big areas of Land on Earth called continents. Which of these continents do you live on?
North American
21. Which has more people living in it: a city or neighborhood?
22. A globe is a model of the Earth. What color is the symbol for water on a globe?
23. Which ocean touches Alaska: the Atlantic or Arctic?
24. What is the name of the capital city for all of the U.S.?
Washington D.C.
25. What part of a map tells you what the symbols mean?
Map Key
26. Is the state of North Dakota above or below South Dakota?
27. Find on a map of the world the ocean that does not end with the letter “C”?
28. Most cities on a map have a black dot next to them. What do we call this black dot: a key, a symbol, or a direction?
29. Which is Canada: a country, city, or state?
30. Which has land all around it: a lake or an ocean?
31. Borders are things that show where one place starts and another ends. How are borders between states usually shown on a map?
Black lines.
32. Find at least one state that does not touch or border any other state.
33. Name a country besides the U.S. that is located in North America?
Mexico or Canada
34. A river is a large body of flowing water. In what part of the U.S. is the Mississippi River located?
35. Which state has more land: Texas or Vermont?
36. Washington D.C. is the capital of our country. Is Washington D.C. a state or a city?
37. Name two states that are on opposite sides of the U.S.
California and Virginia
38. Is Canada or Mexico closer to where you live?
39. Our flag has fifty stars on it. These stars are symbols that stand for?
Each state.
40. Asia is the largest body of land in the world. The seven largest bodies of
land on earth are called?
41. What states border your state?
Kentucky is bordered by = Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Missouri, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois.
42. A direction is a way you point or move. What direction is the Atlantic Ocean from the United States?
43. Is there more land or water shown on a globe?
44. Think about what railroad tracks look like. Draw a map symbol that might be used to show a railroad track.
45. What country are you in if you are in the city of New York?
46. Who would probably use a map more on the job, an airplane pilot or a grocery store manager? Why?
Airplane pilot. They need maps to get from place to place.
47. What is something that a globe can show: people, air, or water?
48. What symbol is next to your state’s capital on a map?
49. A map that shows buildings, houses, and roads would be a state map, neighborhood map, or world map?
Neighborhood map
50. Which of these places can you swim in: ocean, hill, river, map, or lake?
Oceans, rivers, and lakes.
51. Which state is surrounded by a large ocean?
52. Would you find an airport symbol on a globe? Why or why not?
No, it is too little.
53. Is the state of Florida an island? How do you know?
No. It is not surrounded by water.
54. Which state has more land, Maine or Alaska?
55. Name two states that touch or border Canada.
New York and Maine.
56. What do we call the place on the very top of a globe? Is it on land?
North Pole. No.
57. Washington, D.C. is the ____________ of the United Sates.
58. A ____________ is a large body of flowing water.
59. I am made up of fresh water. I have many fish and plants. I can be deep, but you can swim around my shores. I am not a river. What am I?
A lake.
60. A new student from Mexico comes to your school. Is Mexico in the United States?
61. Dallas is in the state of ____________.
62. Not including the state where you live, how many states are in the United States?
63. What ocean is between Africa and Australia?
64. Is your school closer to the North or South Pole?
North Pole.
65. Draw a map symbol for a park, a library, and a school.
Student has to do this one on paper.
66. France is located on what continent?
67. Is it hot or cold at the South Pole? How can you tell?
Cold. Too far from the equator.
68. Which city is not a state capital: Salt Lake City, Little Rock, or Detroit?
69. Which three oceans touch the United States?
Pacific, Artic and Atlantic.
70. Rivers are usually what color on a map?
Blue or black.
71. Which state has more land, Kansas or Rhode Island?
72. What do you call the lines that separate states on a map?

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