Geography 106

How far does the atmosphere extend?
6000 miles avoce earths surface
how far does the troposphere extend?

10 miles

1 page from a 400 page book

What happens to temperatures as altitude increases?


Temperature decreases due to less mass to absorb heat and GHE is highest closes to earth surface
What are the 3 most common gasses in the atmosphere?
  1. Diatomic nitroget
  2. diatomic oxygen- this is very important in earths systmes
  3. argon- plays no role

5 Important Greenhouse gasses

  1. Water Vapor 0 in south pole 4 % in humid areas
  2. CO370 ppm .04%
  3. methane: farts and burning stoves
  4. nitrous oxied 
  5. ozone

Mauna Loa Observatory
Longest continuos measurments of C0concentration

Why was Mauna Loa chosen?


  1. remote from industutry
  2. above tree line high altitute
  3. remote island well mixed rep. of regional atmosphere

Keeling Curve

Named fro charles keeling who invented the CO2 concentration meter

curve consist of monthly meausrments of co2 starting in 1958

A decadal trend
55 year trend shows steady incresing of co2 at 2 ppm yr-1 weak curvilinear
centinial trend
300 years of info from gass bubles in icein 1700 roughly 280 ppm industiral revolution increased it severly today we are at 370
Annual Pattern
annual variation of 6 ppm highest in may and lowest in sepetmber more co2 absorbed in may thatn in spetember

Physical causes of greenhouse effect


SW radiation emmited by sun is absorbed by earth

LW radiation is emitted by cooler earth and absorbed by GHG 

LW radiation emited from GHG and some is abosorbed by earth (GHE)

how do molecules absorb radiation?


It must be the right wavelength differen GHG respond to different wavelengths

LW radaiton can be stored by molecule vibrating

it is then emmitied when it returns to its normal state of rotation or vibration (doppler broadening and pressure broadening)

Rotational Rate
rotations per second inorder to rotate they need to be impacted by a photon with the right energy

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