Geography # 121 – # 144

121. Which is a state, Washington or Washington, D. C.?
122. What large body of water is just south of Texas?
Gulf of Mexico
123. You just arrived in Denver with your aunt to see the Broncos play football. In what state is the city of Denver located?
124. What country is south of California?
125. How does an ocean differ from a continent and an island?
An ocean is water. Islands and continents are land.
126. Find a river that flows into the Atlantic Ocean. What is its name?
127. If you are facing north, what direction is behind you?
128. Does South America share our continent with us?
129. What Great Lake is between Lake Huron and Lake Ontario?
Lake Erie
130. Name three of the earth’s seven continents.
North America, South America, Australia
131. Mexico is what direction from the United States?
132. Name a state that borders Mexico.
133. Is the Atlantic Ocean east or west of Alaska?
134. Is Antarctica closer to the North Pole or South Pole?
South pole
135. Miami is in the state of ___________________.
136. Which usually has more people living in it: a city, a neighborhood, or a state?
137. What is the name of the street that your school faces?
Barr St.
138. In what city does the President of the United States live and work?
Washington D.C.
139. Name three jobs for which-maps are very important.
Pilots, taxi drivers, bus drivers
140. Which of the following is a city: Canada, Europe, or Chicago?
141. Fill in the missing direction: north, east, south, ________.
142. Is Florida in the northern or southern part of the U.S.?
143. You are visiting your cousin in Chicago, Illinois. Then you drive to Des Moines, Iowa, to visit your Grandma. What direction did you travel to get to Des Moines from Chicago?
144. What is the name of the most southern place on earth?

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