Geography 121 Exam 1

Relative Location
To locate a place by its relation to other landmarks
(i.e. St. Louis is in eastern Missouri, along the Mississippi River, southeast of St. Charles)
Absolute Location
To locate a place using a coordinate system
(i.e. St. Louis is 38°43′ North 90°14′ West)
Large Scale
when a map shows greater detail because the representative fraction is a greater fraction
(e.g. 1/25,000)
Small Scale
when a map shows less detail because the representative fraction is a lesser fraction
(i.e. > or = 1/50,000)
Physical Geography
the study of the natural features of the earth’s surface, including land formations, climate, currents, and distribution of flora and fauna.
Cultural Geography
Linguistic Geography
Political Geography
Economic Geography
Characteristics of Rich countries
Characteristics of Poor countries
3 Economic sectors
Primary (Economic sector)
Secondary (Economic sector)
Tertiary (Economic sector)
Nation State
Stateless People
Immigrant State
St. Lawrence Seaway
Location of Canadian population
French Canadians
Quebec Independence
Single Nation Trade Dependence
Canadian Core
Greenland (Status & Culture)
Continental Power
US Hazards (Hurricanes, Volcanoes, etc.)
American Demographics
Federal Republic
US Military
US Role in world
US Economic Basics
Rust Belt
Sun Belt
Chicago and Detroit
Depopulation of the plains
North Midwest Oil Boom
Western Water Issues
West Coast Demography
Hawaii’s language policies

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