Geography – # 145 – # 168

145. Some rivers flow into larger rivers. Find a river that flows into the Mississippi River. What is its name?
Ohio River.
146. If south is to your left, which way would west be: in front of you, to your right, or behind you?
In front of you.
147. What is the name of the large country that is due south of Canada?
United States of America (USA).
148. Which usually has more land: a state, a neighborhood, a country, or a city?
149. What two continents are together on one large area of land?
Europe and Asia.
150. Which direction is the opposite of west: north, east, or south?
151. How many continents are on the earth?
Seven continents.
152. Is California in the eastern or western part of the U.S.?
153. Which continent has more land, Asia or Australia?
154. Your family is going to take a boat ride on the Mississippi River. Can you visit the state of Colorado on your river trip?
155. What direction does the front of your classroom face?
156. Which is the missing direction: north, east, west?
157. Which state is closest to the Atlantic Ocean: Massachusetts, Mississippi, or Missouri?
158. You are in Washington, D.C., to see the President. In which state are you located?
No state.
159. The direction usually to your left when looking at a map is _____?
160. Which of these cities is NOT the capital of Texas: San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, or Houston.
San Antonio, Dallas, Houston.
161. If a bird flew in a straight line from Michigan to Alabama, what direction would it be flying?
162. On a map, what color is the symbol used for water? For land?
Water is blue. Land is green or brown.
163. Could an island be in a lake? Could a lake be in an island?
Yes. Yes.
164. If you and your family went to Walt Disney World in Florida for vacation, which direction would you travel to get there?
165. What is the capital city of the state of Arkansas?
Little Rock
166. Is Washington D.C. in the eastern or western part of the U.S.?
167. What state is north of Illinois?
168. Is New York a city, a state, or a country?
A State and a city.

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