Geography Ch 18 notes

How did Japan model its way of life?
on China
Why does farmland in Japan very limited?
becaus of mountains
What erupted after North korea attacked South Korea?
The Korean War
Who shares aborder with Russia?
North Korea
What is Japan’s form of government?
a constitutional monarchy
Why does Japan experience many earthquakes?
because it lieds on the Ring of Fire
Who owns and runs factories and farms?
The North Korean government
What does Japan have few of?
raw materials
Why is the climate of Japan diferent in Northern and Southern Japan?
because ocean currents and winds affect it
When did Japan start taking Chinese land?
during the 1930s
When did the Shoguns rule Japan?
in the late 1100s to the 1860s
What is a huge urban area made up of several large cities?
What are extremely dangerous and cause much destruction along Japan’s Pacific Coast?
What is a body of water between Japan and Korea?
the Sea of JAapan (East Sea)
What is a division of North and South Korea?
the 38th parallel
The people of Japan value hard work. Modern factories use what to make things such as automobiles and other electronic things along with other domestic products?
new technology
What is different in North and South Korea about communism?
The political systems and difference between freedom and prosperity between the 2 countries

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