Geography Ch 5 notes

What is the currency of the European Union?
What wasnt apart of WW1?
nuclear weapons
What were Germany, Italy, and Japan called?
alliances and Axis Powers
Who formed the Benelux Trade Union?
Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxemburg
What was a plan to support countries fighting communism?
The Truman Doctrine
Countries that claim colonies in other lands
Who were the allies before the US joined WW2?
Britain, France, and China
What country was spilt into communist and democratic parts but is now reunited?
What policy discouraged attack by threatening nuclear war during the Cold War?
What was the Berlin Airlift done for?
to defeat the Soviet Blockade
Who was the Soviet Leader who lossened government control of the soviet people?
Mikhai Gorbachev
What was called the Great War?
What did James Watt invent?
an efficient steam engine
What was the symbol of the split between Eastern and Western Europe?
The Berlin Wall
Whose ideas was the ideas of communisom based?
KArl Marx, the philosopher
What was designed to rebuild Europe after WW2
The MArshal Plan

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