Geography Ch 8 and 9 notes

Who freed the Serfs in 1861?
The Czar Liberator, Alexander 2
During Czarist, what could be bought and sold along with land?
russian serfs
What is a democracy? (like Russia)
a government in which citizens elect their leaders
What is the largest country?
Who was the dictator of the Soviet Union in the late 1920s until after WW2?
Joseph Stalin
Where is Russia spread across?
the continents of Europe and Asia
the vast, rolling, treeless plains north of the Artic Circle
What are the leading movers of people in Russia?
Why did the government have strond control over the economy?
because they were under communist rule
How long was Russia part of the Soviet Union?
1922 to 1991
Who was the first country to make Christianity its official religion?
What region holds the largest supply of mineralsim?
What is a skazi?
Russian stories passed down orally from generation to gerneration
What is the russian city called Venice of the North?
St. Petersburg
Why has the popultion of Russia grown less healthy?
because their country has not addressed the pollution problem
What fraction of Russia’s population lives in a city?
What linked China and Europe?
the Silk Road
Who was the Russian composer who wrote The Nutcracker?
Peter Tchalkvsky
What is made up of Garagum?
most of Turkmenistan
What is divided in between national and state government?
Russia’s government

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