Geography Final

Briefly describe fjords and their location
Narrow deep inlets of the sea set between high rocky cliffs
What is Europe’s agricultural region
Northern European Plains
What is a polder
An area drained from an ocean
What economic activity is important in the alps?
Trade and Travel
What are 6 European peninsulas
Norway, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Greece
The 6 Major climate zones of Europe include
Medeterranian, Main West Coast, Humid Contiental, Subarctic, Highland, Humid Subtropic
The British Isles consist of
Great Britian and Ireland
Europes most populated country is?
What is Europe’s least populated country?
Classical culture, democracy and the Olympics began in…?
What is Feudalism?
Public power in private hands
Europes main oil and gas deposits are located on..?
The Contiental Shelf
What is socialism?
An economic system where the government owns and controls the means of producing goods
Briefly describe the European Union and its purpose
A group  of countries using the same money and helping each others economy
Breifly describe the conflict in Northern Ireland
Extreme religious conflict
What is the European Union Currency?
The Euro
What do high gas taxes in Europe support?
Health benefits
What was the Renaissance?
The goldan age inspired by art and science
What is multicultural?
A blend of different coustoms and beleifs
What does navigable mean?
Something is able to be used for shipping
Define Alliance.
Agreements between countries to protect one another from enemies.
Why do we have international trade?
To help other countries make money
In what region of Russia does most of the population reside?
The South East
What is the importance of Chernobyl?
It exposed thousands of people to radioactive material
Europe + Asia =
What is the world’s deepest lake?
Lake Baikal
Which country is largest in size?
What does desalination do to sea water in the Middle East?
Removes salt from the water
What is OPEC?
A group of countries that export petroleum
Why is oil important to the Middle East and countries like the US?
What country is the largest producer of oil in the world?
Saudi Arabia
Where is Mesopotamia?
Between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers
In 2003 what reason did the US give for invading Iraq?
Weapons of mass destruction
What are factors that contribute to terrorism and religious conflict in the Middle East?
Fighting each other, fighting over oil, US Military
What is Islam’s holiest city?
What are the 3 strips of land disputed in the Isreal/Arab conflict?
Gaza, Gollan Heights, and West Back
Who are the kurds?
A minority group that lives in the desert
What four countries are the Kurds found in?
Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Siria
What 3 major religions claim Jerusalem as a holy city?
Muslam, Islam, Christianity
What is the fastest growing religion in the world?
What major landform sperates North Africa from the rest of the continent?
Ural and Cacus Mts
What is the largest desert in the world?
The Sahara
Where does the Nile River Start?
What body of water does the Nile empty into?
The Meddetrranian Sea
How does the Nile River affect the population density in Egypt?
It causes the areas father away from the river to be more dense, and it stays populated close to it.
What is the Dam on the Nile and what does it provide?
The Aswan High Dam and it provides a place to store water and prevent flooding
What is an Oasis?
Underwater in the desert
What type of clothing do people in desert climates wear and why?
Loose fitting light clothes to keep from over heating
Why are the Suez Canal, Strait of Hormuz and Strait of Gibraltar important?
They connect larger bodies of water
What has been the effect of topography and climate in Africa?
It brought some groups together, others were isolated
Why are countries in Africa and parts of Siberia said to be diamonds in the rough?
They have the potential to be wealthy
The major economic activity between African nations and other countries of the world consits mainly of?
Farming and exporting raw materials
What is the African “Triple Heritage”?
African, European, and Islamic
What is desertification and its solution?
It means for the desert to grow in size and to reduce it, save the forests close to it
What are the main problems African countries face?
Genecide, disease, poverty, and fast growing population
What is genocide? What African countries have it the worst?
It is purposfuly killing an entire race, and its a problem in Rawanda and Sudan
Whats the world’s highest mountian peak?
Mt. Everest
What country has the most populous democracy?
Kashmir is a region of South Asia claimed by which countries?
Pakistan and India
What military situation makes the Kashmir conflict a potential disaster?
both have neuclear weapons
Which buliding has become the symbol of India?
The Taj Mahal
What physical process created the Himalays and the Plateau of Tibet?
Plate Tectonics
What are the 3 largest enviornmental issues facing China today?
Poulltion, Flooding, Desertification
What affect will the Three Gorges Dam have on China?
Hydroelectricity, and will control flooding down the stream
China’s political and social ideas are based on what ancient teachings?
China’s form of government is?
China’s form of economic activity?
Market Economy
The world’s most spoken language
Mandrin Chinease
What do undersea earthquakes cause?
Are the climates of Japan similar to the US East Coast?
Whats the leading agricultural product of Asia?
Whats an archipelago?
A group of islands
What is the standard of living in Japan?
Very High
What is the Ring of Fire
2/3 of your earthquakes and volcanoes
What animal is faceing extinction and has become a symbol of conservation groups around the world?
What are the 4 main purposes the rivers in asia serve?
Transportaion, Fishing, Hydroelectrc, and Irrigation
What is the Dali Lama?
An exiled leader of Tibet
What purpose does terrace farming serve?
It creates more farming
What is indonesia’s religious majority?
What is the largest muslim country in the world?
How is population growth in East Asia effecting the various countries ability to become more economically developed?
It slows it down

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