Geography Final Study Guide

The natural process of moving sediment
A deep ocean valley
A smaller river that feeds into larger river
The Weather condition in an area over a period of time.
wet land with thick vegetation and tall trees
Rain Forest
The thoery that Earth’s surface is divided into several major, slow moving plates
Plate Tectonics
Elevation, or distance above or below sea level
The shape of part of Earth’s surface
The circulation of water from Earth’s surface to the atmosphere and back
Water cycle
A human made lake
What landforms are created when plates that form Erath’s crust collide and push upwards?
many of the worlds first peoples settled along
Which of the following is a nonrenewable resource?
Fossil Fuels
Electricity made by water flowing
Tidal energy
Electricity created by air flowing over a special enging called a turbine.
Wind Power
The mineral resource is burned to create heat energy that heats homes.
The fuel produced from this is used to power cars around the world.
Energy created by the sun heating water and changing it into steam.
Solar Power
Which of the following is not an example of how people in tropical climates have adapated to their enviornment.
Using heating Systems
It is easier for people to live
In flat area with fertile soil near water
People learn their culture by
Living in a family and by growing up as a member os society.
National flags, anthems, and holidays are a way to
remind citizens of thier country’s heritages
Which of the following describes something that may be shared in a cultural region?
A language
The process of moving water to a dry area is known as ___.
The freedom of an individuals and businesses in a market economy is often called ____.
Free Enterprise
The movement of people to different areas is called ____.
Today, techonology is a primary factor behind teh spread of cultural traits among societies.  this process is known as ____.
Cultural Diffusion
A ___ is a long period of dry weather
The most poulated country in the world is ____.
The 2nd most populated country in the world is ____.
____ is the unique way of life that sets groups of people apart from others.
____has made borrowing culture traits easier.
A ____ is an area of land ruled by a government in another land.
Only about 10% of society’s cultural traits are its own becasue of ____.
Cultural Borrowing
A group of people who share a culture and way of life are known as ____.
Ethnic group
Learning antional customs is an example of ___.
_____ is the result when several ethnic groups live within the same country.
Cultural Diveristy
_________ are material or non material characteristics of society’s culture.
Culture Traits
_____ when two societies have contact for a long time and exchange cultural traits.
_____ is an organized group of people.
Human Society
Group of people not elected controls the government.
One person cliams contorl but is not inherited
One person rules and is passed on by heredity
System in which people of a country take part
People own and control the businesses
Market Economy
Shows little change and is based on custom or habit
Traditional Economy
Central authority makes most economic decisions.
Command Economy
Regions based on cultural traits
Cultural Region
Area of land where the people are ruled under one Government.
Political Region
Region based on economic activities found in them.
Economical Region
Apple Farmer
Factory worker who makes cars
Scientists who researches cancer
English Teacher
Coal Miner
Semi- truck Driver
Grocery Store Owner
The boundary or edge of a place
A freedom
A geographer who studies human populations
Small section of a region
The Environment
Fertile land is changed into desert
People choose what to make, sell, or buy without government control.
Free Enterprise
The way people are spread out in different places throughout the world
Population Distribution
Farmers raise only enough food for their family
Subsistence Farming
System in which the ideas and decisions supported by teh msot people are followed
Majority Rule
Why do most people live in the Northeast live east of the Appalachian Mountains?
The mountains formed a natural barrier to settler’s westward movement.
The 48 states that touch each other are called ___.
How does the United States rank in land size comapred ot the rest of the world?
4th Largest
The country with the largest and strongest economy in the world is the _.
United States
Which region of the U.S. is the smallest in area but not in population?
The Northeast
List the 4 regions of the United States





How many states are in the United States?
Name the two states that are not Contiguous?
Alaska & Hawaii
Which region of the United States has the Highest Population Denisty?
Most people in the Northeast can be found living in ___.
People settled in the Northeast region of the United States becasue of the ___.
The Northeast has jobs in ____.
Manufacturing & Trade
The 3 largest citizes in the south are located all in this state?
Rivers east of the Continental Divide flow into what body of water?
Mississippi River or Gulf of Mexico
What famous National park is located in florida?
Cash crops grown in the south include peanuts, citrus fruit, and ___?
The Central Palins is known as the Heartland because it is the farming center, growing mostly, _.
What weather danger is found in the Mid-west?
On what bodies of water are the 3 largest cities in the Mid-west located on?
The Great Lakes
Why do few people live in the Great Plains?
Extreme Temperatures
What 3 landforms are found in the West?




What draws people to visit the South?
What river provides water to the Mid-West?
Riverst west of Contiental Divide flow into what body of water?
Pacific Ocean
The rights that the United States gives and guarantees for all American Citizens are protected under the ___.
Constitution or bill of rights
Which state has the lowest point in the United States?
Why is Hawaii still growing?
Volcanos add land
Which of these statements describes a republic?
The voters choose representatives who make adn enforse the laws for them.
Which statements is an example of a positive social chagne in United State History?
Today more women and minorites work in jobs and hold political offices.
The Northeast region of the U.S. has many of the country’s largest-
The appalachian mountains
Formed a natural barrier to western settlement
A __ is a person who comes to live in a country after leaving his or her homeland.
Native Americans may have come to North America by way of ___.
The fastest growing group of American is the _____ population.
What was the “Great Migration” ? Who was it about?
Movement of African Americans after the Civil War.
The federal and state governments share
The power to make laws.
The Chinese came to the United States during the ____.
Gold Rush
Native American people live mostly in the ____.
Interior Plains
this state, ____ has the greatest density of Indigenous people.
The traditional retirement age is ___.
The literacy rate of the United States is ____.
Cultural differences among americans can be seen in serveral ways, name 4.
Religion, music, food, language
This lady was a huge activist among civil rights.  She was crucial in ratifying the 19th amendment where women got the right to vote.
Susan B. Anthony
The man, who spoke in Washington about Freedom was assissinated.
Martin Luther King
What is a constitution ?
Written Plan of Government
The federal government has a sytem of checks and balances to
Balance the authority of the three branches of government
The Strong United States economy helps American people to
Enjoy a high standard of living
How many representatives does each state have representing them in Congress?
depends on population
How many Senators does each state have representing them in Congress?
Illinois has ___ representatives in the House of Representatives.
The United States form of government is known as the ____.
Constitutional Democracy
What was the major effect of the arrival of Christopher Columbus in North America?
The Americans were opened to European Settlement
The state of Illinois government meets in what city?
The National Government meets in what city?
Washington D.C.
The 3 levels of government include
Local, State ; Federal
Who makes up the Cabinet?
President, Vice President, & Advisors
What two houses make up Congress?
Senate ; House of Rep.
The Judges in teh Supreme Court are appointed by the _____.
The system in place to make sure a certain branch of government does not over power another is called ___.
Checks ; Balances
The Judical Branch of the Government is composed of the ____ ; ______.
Supreme ; Federal Courts
The Price people are willing to pay for agood is known as ____.
Market Price
The 3 Branches of Government include





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