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Clark Fisher Model

  • The Clark Fisher model shows the changes in employment through a period of time.
  • Pre – Industrial = The primary sector dominates (Farming and mining)
  • Industrial = Growth of secondary and to support population, there is a growth in the demand for services such as transport, water and electricity
  • Post – Industrial = The most dominating sector here, is the tertiary sector and the primary sector is left at an all time low. This is common in MIC’s and mainly HIC’s. 

Limitations of the Clark Fisher Model



  • There is a debate whether a country could develop further than the post- industrial stage.
  • The speed of development varies around the world, and it cannot be the same.
  • Tourism could lead to a bypass in the Industrial stage.


Employment Sectors

Primary : Farming and Mining

Secondary: Manufacturing.

Tertiary: Providing goods and services, For example teachers or shop workers.

Quaternary: Researching innovating ideas.

Malawi and its economy!

The people in Malawi mostly work in the primary sector. Some of the farmers in Malawi are subsistence farmers which mean that they eat only what they make reaping NO profits.

Malawi are in a never ending cycle of poverty.

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