Geography Study Guide

What is Geography?
The study of the distribution and interaction oh physical and human features on earth
In am Command Economy the production of goods and services is determined by…
Central Government
What causes a population to grow?
High Birth rate + (Pull Factors)
What is Infrastructure?
The basic support system needed to keep and economy going
What mountains separate the Nothern European and West Siberian Plains?
Ural Mountains
What is the deepest lake in the world?
Lake Baikal
What is Permafrost?
Permanently frozen ground
How many timezones does Russian and the Republics cover?
What is a dry lowland area that includes two large deserts?
Terran Plain
What is the region that stretches across the Black and Caspian Seas?
What are some problems caused byu Nuclear Waste?
Threaten people and the environment
What was the Cold War?
Conflict between the U.S. and the Soviet Union
What source provide Egypt with 95% of its water?
The Nile
What is an Aquifer?
Underground Water Storage
What causes Desertification?
Little Rainfall
What was the purpose of the Berlin Conference?
Layed down rules for dividing Africa
What is a Stateless Society?
People rely on family leneages to govern themselves
Who is Nelson Mandela?
Led a long struggle to end apartheid
What disease is often accompanied with AIDS?
What country did Vasco De Gama sail for and when did it first visit the East African Coast?
Portugoal : 1497
3 Direct result of Colonization include…

-Causes Political Violence

-Causes Ethnic Conflicts

-Destroyed Cultural Boundries

What is the most famous desert in Southwest Asia, also known as the ‘Empty Quarter’ ?
Rub Al Khali
What is an Oasis?
Area in desert where vegitation is found due to available water
What is the purpose of a Refinery?
Convert the cruil oil into useful products
What is Golan Heights?
A hilly plateau overlooking the Jordan River and Sea of Galilce
What is the place of worship for followers Islam?
What does OPEC try to contorl the price of?
What is the significance of the Dome Of The Rock?
Houses the spot where the muslims believe Muhammad rose into heaven
What is the name of the holiest Jewish site in Jerusalem
The Western Wall
What is a Strategic Commodity?
A resource so important that countries will start wars for it
What is a Stateless Nation?
A nation that does not have a territory to legally occupy
What is the name of the land  on the western side of the Jordan River?
West Bank
What is the dominant religion in India?
What river brings life to its people according to Hinduism?
The Ganges River
What is a Constitutional Monarchy?
Government in which the ruler’s are limited by the Government

Who is the founder of Buddhism?

Siddartha Guatama
What religion does the Caste System originate from?
What is Ramadan?
Fasting for Muslims
Separation of India and East and West Pakistan is…
Basic Necessities include…
What is Illiteracy?
The inability to read or write
What is Civil Disobedience and who used it?
Non-violent Revolts : Gandhi
What territory have India and Pakistan fought several destructive wars over?
Where is the Three Gorges Dam?
Chaing Jaing
Where do most Japanese People live?
3% of the land
What is a Tsunami?
Gaint wave caused by an underwater earthquake
What is the Ring of Fire?
Volcanoes surrounding the Pacific Rim
Where did the U.S. government begin bomb tests in 1946?
Bikini Atoll
Who established the Penal Economy of Sydney, Australia?
Great Britain : For Prisoners
What is the Outback?
Unpopulated inland region of Australia
The Philipines are an example of an…
Why did the U.S. enter the Vietnam War?
To fight Communism
Who are the Aboriginal people?
Native Australians

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