Geography Test

What are the Physiographic Regions of Canada?

Appalachian Region

The Canadian Shield Region

The Arctic Region

The St.Lawrence Lowlands

The Interior Plains

The Cordillera

Five points about the Great Canadian Shield

-half of canada’s land surface

-was once a volcanic mountain range

-thin soils

-sparsely populated

-one of the world’s richest area for mining

One point about each borderland region

Artic Region- deposits of oil and natural gas

Appalachian- rolling hills and valleys

St.Lawrence Lowlands- smallest region in canada

Interior Plains- has grasslands

Cordillera- rich mineral deposits such as copper, gold,and coal

Name all provinces and territories
British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon, New Brunswick, Manitoba, Ontario, Nunavut, Northwest territories, Nova Scotia, P.E.I, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland  and Labrador, Quebec
Two main causes for climate change
Latitude and Altitude
Three types of rocks

1) Metamorphic

2) Sedimentry


Define Biome
The world’s major communities, classified according to the predominant vegatation and charaterized by adaptations of organisms to that particular environment
Define Ecosystem
All the organisms in a particular region and the environment in which they live
Two branches in geography
Physical and Human
Name a few examples of how humans express their relationships to space
Buildings, Transportation, Agriculture, Clothing
Define Cultural Globalization
the process of cultral forces creating a single global society

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