Geography Vocabulary 09

The study of Earth’s environment and how it shapes people’s lives and how Earth is shaped in turn by people’s activities.
distance north and south of the equator; measured by a set of lines, or parallels, that run east and west around the Earth.
in geography, any line of latitude north and south of the equator; they never cross or meet
Cardinal direction
the directions north, south, east and west
a unit of measure on a map, such as an inch that is used to represent a distance on Earth
in geography, a unit of measurement that indicates the distance between line of latitude and longitude;a unit of measurement
an area with common features that set it apart from other areas
Prime Meridian
the line of longitude marked 0 degrees on the world map, from which longitude East and and West measured.
Compass rose
a drawing on a map that shows directions.
anything that stands for something else
Map key
a list of map symbols that tells what each symbol stands for.
one of Earth’s seven large bodies of land
an imaginary line circling Earth halfway between the North and South poles and dividing the earth into Northern and Southern Hemispheres
distance east and west of the Prime Meridian measured by a set of imaginary lines, or meridians, that run north and south from Earth’s poles
any line of longitude east or west of Earth’s Prime Meridian.

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