Georgia Expansion

Cyrus McCormick
Inventor of mechanical reaper
Eli Whitney
Inventor of cotton gin
William Few
Representative of GA in Continental Congress
Abraham Baldwin
Representative of GA in Continental Congress
The ending point of the railroad line
Joseph Smith
Founder of Mormonism
Gov. Lyman Hall
Recommended setting aside land for schools
Gov. George Matthews
Passed bill allowing land cos. to buy western lands
Sen. James Gunn
Drew 6 year term in lottery
Sen. James Jackson
Resigned his post in the Senate to run for a seat in the Georgia legislature in 1795
Franklin College
First school for all-male, all-white students
Mississippi River
GA’s western borders in 1795
Richard Allen
Founded African Methodist Episcopal Church and was first bishop
Spread of Methodist Churches
Richard Allen became part of circuit
Spread of Baptist Churches
Founded by free blacks
Records of Yazoo Land Fraud sales burned here

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