GeoVocab chap-10

Caused by overgrazing and poor farming practices is a major concern in Central Asia
Nomadic pastoralist
People who raise livestock for subsistence purposes
Mountain tundra
Sparse grasses and herbaceous plants- can surveive in the high altitude climate of the Tibetan Plateau
Alluvial fan
Fan shaped deposits of sediments dropped by streams flowing out of the mountains
A fertile, silty soil deposited by the wind, is plentiful in the Pamir range region and in areas winter precipitation is high enough to allow rain-fed agriculture

Peoples of whose leadership led Afghanistan became a country

Speakers who live primarily to the south of the Hindu Kush mountain range In Afghanistan

Language of which the speakers live in the central mountains of Afghanistan- are said to be Mongol conquerors who arrived in the 12th century
Tibetan (Lamaist) Buddhism
Entered Tibet from India many centuries ago, where it merged with the native religion of the area called Bon, The resulting mix is more oriented toward mysticism than are many other forms of it, and it is more tightly organized. Standing at the head is the Dalai Lama. – the Dalai Lama enjoys political as well as religious authority
Religious state.
Kyrgyz- moved their flocks from lowland pastures in the winter to highland meadows in the summer.
portion of  central asia populated primarily by turkish speaking peoples; “eastern turkestan” compromises those areas controlled by china, and “western turkestan” compromises areas formally held by the soviet union
Semiarid grasslands found in many parts of the world. Grasses are usually shorter and less dense in steppes than in prairies
Shanghai Cooperation Organization
Commonly referred to as the “Shanghai Six”, composed of China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. – Seeks cooperation on such security issues such as terrorism and separatism, aims to enhance trade, and serves as a counterbalance against the United States.

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