Good Stuff to Know by Heart

Seven Continents
in order from largest to smallest
1. Asia
2. Africa
3. North America
4. South America
5, Antarctica
6. Europe
7. Australia
Four Major Oceans
In ordder from largest to smallest in area
1. Pacific Ocean
2. Atlantic Ocean
3. Indian Ocean
4. Arctic Ocean
Extremes: Smallest continent
Extremes: Largest Continent
Extremes: Largest Lake:
Caspian Sea, Asia
Extremes: Largest Desert
Sahara, Africa
Extremes: Highest Waterfall
Angel Falls, Venezuela
Extremes: Largest Island
Extremes: Longest River
Nile, Africa
Extremes: Largest Ocean
Extremes: Highest Mountain
Muont Everest, Himalayan Mountain Range, China/Nepal
Largest Lakes
in order of area from largest to smallest
1. Caspian Sea, Asia
2. Lake Superior, Canada/USA
3. Lake Victoria, Africa
4. Lake Aral, Asia
5. Lake Huron, Canada/USA
6. Lake Michigan, USA
7. Lake Tanganyika, Africa
Water Facts
Amount of the earth’s surface covered by water
Water Facts
World’s largest ocean
Pacific Ocean
Water Facts
Ocean that separates Europe from America
Atlantic Ocean
Water Facts
Warmest ocean
Indian Ocean
Water Facts
Smallest and coldest ocean
Arctic Ocean
Water Facts
World’s largest lake
Caspian Sea
Water Facts
Europe’s most important waterway
Rhine River
Largest Deserts
list the five largest deserts
1. Sahara Desert
2. Australian Desert
3. Arabian Desert
4. Gobi Desert, central Asia
5. Kalahari Desert, southern Africa
Largest Islands
list the 7 largest islands
(can you locate them quickly on a map?)
1. Greenland
2. New Guinea
3. Borneo
4. Madagascar
5. Baffin Island
6. Sumatra Island
7. Great Britain
World’s Longest Rivers
list the 5 longest rivers
1. Nile, Africa
2. Amazon, South America
3. Yangtze, Asia
4. Mississippi, Missouri, North America
5. Huang (Yellow), Asia
Rivers with Greatest Volume of Water
1. Amazon, South America
2. Congo, Africa

Although the Nile is slightly longer, the Amazon surpasses it in eery other catagory

Smallest Independent Coutries in the World
1. Vatican City
2. Monaco
3. Nauru
4. Tuvalu
5. San Marino
Largest Countries in the World
(can you locate them quickly on a map?)
1. Russia
2. Canada
3. China
4. USA
5. Brazil
Most Populous City on Each of the Six Populated Continents
Asia, Seoul 10,627,790
Africa, Cairo 6,068,695
North America, Mexico City 8,235,744
South America, Sao Paulo 9,393,753
Europe, Moscow 8,801,500
Austraili, Brisband 751,115
Most Populous Countries in the World
(can you find them quickly on a map?)
1. China
2. India
3. USA
4. Indonesia
5. Brazil
Know Your Earth!
Distance around the equator
24,902 miles
Know Your Earth!
Distance to the center of the earth
3,958 miles
Know Your Earth!
Average distance: earth to sun
93,210,000 miles
Know Your Earth!
Average distance: earth to moon
238,857 miles
Know Your Earth!
Coldest Recorded Temperature
Antarctica (-128.6 degrees F)
Know Your Earth!
Hottest recorded temperature
San Luis, Mexico (136 degrees F)
Know Your Earth!
Highest average rainfall
Mt. Waialeale, Hawaii
Know Your Earth!
Driest place on earth
Atacama Desert, Chile

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