HHS a geograher’s world

point of view based on a person’s experience and personal understanding
spatial perspective
point of veiw based on looking at where something is and why it is there
the study of Earth’s physical and cultural features
an area that contains a city
an area of open land that is often used for farming
absolute location
the exact spot on Earth where something is found, often stated in latitude and longitude
relative location
the position of a place in relation to another place
physical and human features of a specific location
area of Earth’s surface with one or more shared characteristics
people and ideas moving from place to place
the movement of ideas or behaviors from one cultural region to another
human geography
the study of people, past or present
physical geography
the study of Earth’s natural landscape and physical systems, including the atmosphere
the art and science of mapmaking
the field of forecasting and reporting rainfall, temperatures, and other atmoshperic conditions
the field of tracking Earth’s larger atmospheric systems
List grographer’s professions and their job responsibilities.
Cartographer – makes maps, studies maps
Meteorologist – studies and relates weather
Climatoligist –
What are three ways to study geography? Give an example of when each type could be used.
How can a place be described?
What are some ways to define a region?
What are some reasons why people move?
How do some people adapt to better suit their environment?
Why is cartography important?
What types of jobs do geographers do?
How can a geographer use spatial perspective to explain how things in our world are connected?
When and how do humans relate to the environment? Provide some examples of this relationship.
How are patterns created by the movement of goods, ideas, and people?
How does studying grographhy help us understand the world?
What topics are included in the study of human geography?
How do people who study the weather use geography?
Why is it important to study physical geography?
How might future discoveries in the field of geography affect societies, world economies, or the environment?
How do geographers study the world?
How do humans shape the world in which they live?
What benefits can studying geography provide?
List and descrive all aspect of each of the six essential elements.
How can a spatial perspective be used to study the world?
How do threatening weather patterns affect people, and why do geographers study these patterns?
Why is it important to view geography on a global level?

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