Human Geog Ch 5

Folk Culture
(one of the 2 major categories of culture)
Traditional practices of small groups, especially rural people with a simple lifestyle (compared with modern/ urban people). Eg. Amish in Pennsylvania or Roma people “gypsies”
Popular Culture
(2nd major category)
The practices and meaning systems produced by large groups of people whose normans and tastes are often heterogeneous and change frequently, often in response to commercial products.
Cultural Landscape
a characteristic and tangible outcome of the complex interactions between a human group (with its own practices, preferences, values, and aspirations) and its natural environment.
Cultural Trait
A single aspect of the complex of routine practices that constitute a particular cultural group)
Eg.Canon law of fasting Lent for catholics.
Eg. Jewish Muslims and Hindus avoiding Pork
Rites of Passage
Acts, costumes, practices, or procedures that recognize key transitions in human life (birth, menstruation, marriage..)
Cultural Complex
The combination of traits characteristics of a particular group
Celebrations, rituals, diets..
The spatial dispersion of a previously homogeneous group.
Leads to spread of religions from their traditional sites of practice, kind of why its hard to map contemporary global distribution of religions
Cultural Hearths
The geographic origins or sources of innovations, ideas, or ideologies.
Cultural Nationalism
An effort to protect regional and national cultures from the homogenizing impacts of globalization, especially from the penetrating influence of U.S. culture
is a set of practices and identities that a given culture considers related to each other and to those things it considers sexual acts and desires.
the practice of creating unequal castes based on the norm of whitness
Socially created system of rules about who belongs and who does not belong to a particular group based upon or perceived commonality.
Is a problematic classification of human beings based on skin color and other physical characteristics.

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