Human Geography World Regions


North America (w/o Mexico)

Religion: Largely Christian denominations

Major Exports/Products: Information, technology

Agriculture: corn, wheat, soy, meat (cattle & chickens)



Latin America

Religion: Christian (largely Catholic)

Agriculture/major products: Corn, potatoes, cattle, wood, fruit

Developing (ex: much of Central America)/Developed (Chile, Argentina, parts of Brazil)



Religion: A mix of Tribal, Christian, and Muslim (especially in the northern African countries)

Agriculture/products: Oil, gems, minerals, coffee/tea

Underdeveloped (although there are some developing countries such as South Africa) 


Western Europe

Religion: Christian–Roman Catholic, Protestant (especially Northern countries)

Major Exports: Machinery, vehicles, aircraft, plastics, pharaceuticals, some dairy farming, meat, fish, and potatoes



Eastern Europe & Russia

Religion: Christian–mostly Eastern Orthodox

Major Products/Exports: Oil, minerals, gems/precious metals, fertilizer, machinery

 Developed (except for parts of Eastern Europe, which are developing)


Middle East

Religion: Muslim

Major Products/Exports: OIL



South Asia

Religion: Muslim, Hinduism

Major Exports: Coal/oil, gems and precious metals, consumer goods (clothing, toys, electronics, etc.)



East Asia

Religion: Native religions, Buddhism

Major Exports/Products: Cars, technology, medical equipment, consumer goods, soy, rice, seafood

Developed (China, Japan, South Korea), Developing (Taiwan), Underdeveloped (Mongolia)


Southeast Asia

Religion: Muslim, Tribal Christian, Tribal

Major Exports/Products: Consumer goods, technology, rice, rubber, coconuts, sugar



Australia and South Pacific

Religion: Largely Christian w/ pockets of tribal

Major Exports/Products: Some oil and gas, some agriculture, but largely a service based economy

Developed (Australia), undeveloped (most Pacific Islands) 

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