Break of Bulk Point
location where transfer among transportation is possible
Bulk Gaining Industry
gains volume or weight during production
Bulk Reducing Industry
an economic industry in which the product weighs less than its inputs
Cottage Industry
home based manufacturing
the view that each worker should be assigned a task to perform repeatedly, developed by ford motor company
Industrial Revolution
the process of change that began in the 1700s in the United Kingdom
Labor Intensive
labor cost is a high percentage of the expense
factories built by US companies in Mexico near the US border, to take advantage of much lower labor costs in mexico
New International Division of Labor
the new spatial division of labor when production is no longer confined to national economies
contracting to a third party
Adoption by companies of flexible work rules, such as the allocation of workers to teams that perform a variety of tasks
Right-to-work laws
prevents a union or company from negotiating a contract that requires workers to join a union as a condition of employment
Site factors
unique characteristics of a place
Situation factors
location factors related to the transportation of materials into and from a factory
woven fabrics
What is the distribution of industry in Western Europe?
United Kingdom, France, Germany, Northern Italy
What is the distribution of industry in Eastern Europe?
Moscow, Ukraine, Urals, and the Volga River Area
What is the distribution of industry in the US?
The Northeast
What is the distribution of industry in Canada?
St. Lawrence Valley, ontario peninsula
What is the distribution of industry in East Asia?
Eastern China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan
What is an intraregional shift?
from cities to suburban or rural areas
What is an interregional shift in the United States?
from the northeast to the south and west
What is an interregional shift in Western Europe?
when businesses were urged to relocate to distressed peripheral areas
WHat is a new industrial area in asia? Why?
China, low cost labor, worlds largest market for …
What are the new industrial areas in Latin America?
Mexico and Brazil
What are the new industrial areas in Central Europe?
Countries between Germany and Russia
What are two reasons the location factors are changing? Why?
Atrraction to new industrial regions (proximity to low-cost labor, outsoucing) and Renewed attraction to traditional industrial regions (proximity to skilled labor, just in time delivery

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