Intro to South Asia

seasonal shift in the winds of Asia
state headed by a Muslim ruler
nonaligned nation
a neutral country
large landmass
alluvial plain
broad expanse of rich, fertile land along a riverbank
alluvial plain
broad expanse of rich, fertile land along a riverbank
nonaligned nation
India was a(n) ____, a country that declared its neutrality during the Cold War.
During the time of the ____ of Delhi, the Muslim rulers included members of the Hindu majority in its power structure
The ____ of South Asia looks like a giant triangle extending out into the Indian Ocean.
alluvial plain
A(n) ____ is a flat area of rich silt deposits.
Afghanistan , Pakistan , Bangladesh , Bhutan, Nepal and Sri Lanka
The Indian subcontinent includes India and what other countries
The Indian subcontinent is separated from the rest of Asia by the
India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.
A tropical rain forest ecosystem is found in what South Asian countries
summer monsoons that pick up moisture from the southwest
The heavy rains in South Asia are due to the
subsistence farming and nomadic herding
Most of the land in Pakistan is used for what economic activities?
largest democracy
Although there has been a great deal of ethnic unrest in the country, India remains the world’s __________________.
Most of the people in South Asia make their living from
Sri Lanka
What countriy has the best access to communications devices?
Many South Asians are moving to cities primarily for which of the following reasons?
Hinduism is the dominant religion in which of the following South Asian countries, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, or Sri Lanka
Buddhism was founded in ____________.
_________________ is almost entirely mountainous
India. Pakistan. Afghanistan.
A desert scrub ecosystem is found in waht 3 South Asian countries
commercial farming
What is a more common economic activity in Bangladesh than in Pakistan?
Western Ghats
What mountain range prevents moisture from the summer monsoon winds from reaching the interior of the subcontinent?
fertile land
The area near the Indus and Ganges rivers is one of the most densely populated areas of the South Asian subcontinent because of its
What South Asian country has the least access to communications devices?
growing enough food to feed its population
One of the greatest challenges facing South Asia is
along the mountainous northern border of South Asia
Relatively little economic activity occurs
Sri Lanka. southeastern India. southern Bangladesh.
Commercial fishing is an important economic activity in all of the following areas
difficult to meet the food, educational, and health needs of the population. Poverty may increase, illness may increase, and people with money may leave the country.
What do you think will happen if India’s population continues to grow at its current rate?

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