1. mesa


flat-topped mountainwith steep sides






2. mountain



highest kind of land





3. mountain pass




gap bewteen mountains






4. mountain range




row of mountains





5. mount of river 




place where a river empties into another body of water 





6. oasis




area of water and fertile land in a desert 





7. ocean 




body of salt water larger than a sea





8. peak 




top of a mountain 





9. peninsula




land that is almost completely surrounded by water





10. plain




area of flat or gently rolling low land 





11. plateau 


area high, mostly flat land 







12. reef




ridge of sand, rock, or coral that lies at or near surface of a sea or ocean





13. river




large stream of water that flows across the land







14. riverbank 




land along a river 





15. savanna




area of grassland and scattered trees





16. sea




body of salt water smaller than an ocean





17. sea level




the level of the surface of an ocean or a sea 





18. slope 




side of a hill or mountain





19. source of river 




place where a river begins 





20. strait




narrow channel of water connecting two larger bodies of water





21. swamp 




area of low, wet land with trees 





22. timberline 




line on a mountain above which it is too cold for trees to grow 







23. tributary




stream or river that flows into a larger stream or river





24. valley 




low land bewteen hills or mountains 





25. volcano




openig in the earth, often raised, through whic lava, rock, ashes, and gases are forced out





26. waterfall 




steep drop from a high place to a lower place in a stream or river

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