Key Issue Two & Three-Ch.4

A restriction on behavior imposed by a social custom.
People living in folk cultures are likely to be involved in what occupation?
John Burnea
The geographer that viewed the house as being an essential fact of human geography.
New England, Middle Atlantic and Lower Chesapeake
According to Fred Kniffen, what are the three major hearths or nodes of folk house forms in the United States?
The “I” house
Was the major house type in the Middle Atlantic region.
Islamic & Buddists
What two religious groups have a taboo against pork?
A group of people having a sufficently high level of economic development, so they can aquire the material possessions associated with popular culture.
What is needed for rapid diffusion of popular culture? Why?
Modern Style
Was the type of style that was popular in the U.S. immediately following WWII.
Is the house style that has been prominate since the 1960’s.
Was the first popular neo-eclectic style house.
Urban Areas
Where are ranch style houses most common?

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