LA/SS final exams

What is the Equator?
The equator is the imagenary line that goes across the earth.
What is a region?
A region is a place in the world which shares the same cultures.
What is a thematic map?
A thematic map is a map that shows many different things, such as weather.
What is a political map?
A political map is a map that shows boundaries and important cities.
What is a Physical Map?
A physical map is a map that shows landforms of the earth, like mountains.
What is AutocracyWhat is Autocratic Desicions?
Autocracy is where the power is given to one person. Autocratic decisions are decisions that only one person makes.
What is democracyWhat are democratic desicions?
Democracy is where the people rule themselves. Democratic decisions are decisions that are made with approval of the people.
What is the difference between a limited and unlimited governments?
In a limited government, the ruler has restraints. In an unlimited goverment, the ruler can do what he wants.
What is the federal government in charge of?
The federal government makes taxes, laws, and commands the military.
What are the three branches of goverment?
The three branches of governments are the Executive, Legislative, and judicial branches. The Executive Branch enforces laws, the Legislative passes out laws, and the Judicial branch checks to see if the laws are constitutional.
What are checks and balances?
Checks and Balances are a system made to ensure that no branch gets to much power.
What is a Republic?
A republic is a type of democracy where the people elect representatives to represent them in the government.
What is the constitution?
The constitution is the blueprint of our country.
What are the Bill of Rights?
The Bill of Rights are rights that are the first ten in the ammendments.
What are the ammendments?
Ammendments are some changes to the Constitution.
List the five responsiblities of a citizen.
The five responsibilities are to pay taxes, vote, serve on juries, serve in the Military, volunteer for activities that help people, and obey laws.
What is the political process?
The political process is a way that citizens can change the public process throught legal activities.
What is Patriotism?
Patriotism is love for one’s country.
What does Equal opportunity offer?
Equal opportunity is when everyone in the U.S has a chance to suceed, no matter what.
What is immigration?
Immigration is when people move into our country because of either push factors or pull factors.
Rio Grande
A river that forms a boundary between Texas and Mexico.
Andes Mountains
The andes mountains are mountains in the western side of south america.
Amazon River
The amazon river is a river that runs from on side of South America to the other side, it is the widest river in the world.
Amazon Basin
The Amazon Basin is a basin that covers 3/5 of South America. It is the Amazon River’s Basin.
Panama Canal
A canal made by the U.S. that allows ships to pass through there and not below South America. Man-Made.
Yucatan Penninsula
The Yucatan Penninsula is a penninsula that is in Mexico. It touches the Caribean Sea.
Demegraphics are graphics that show different cultures of a certain country.
Annual Income
Anual Income is how much each person wins per year on AVERAGE.
The race and cultures of a group of people.
Literacy rate
On average, how many people are able to read and write.
Rural Population
How many people live in the countryside.
Urban Population
How many people live in the city.
Cultural traits
The food, clothing, technology, beliefs, language, and tools that people of a culture share.
Cultural Region
A region in the world were people share the same culture.
Two or more countries cannot prevail without each other.
Cultural borrowing
Where a region borrows the culture of another one.
Past events in a countries time.
Political, Economic, Religious, Social, Intellectual, and Artistic
5 themes of geography
Location, Place, Human-Enviromental Interaction, Movement, Region
What is the main language in Latin America?
In Latin America, most countries speak spanish as their dominant language.
What is the main religion in Latin America?
Most countries have Roman Catholic as their dominant religion.
What was the main colonial Ruler in Latin America?
Most of the countries in Latin America were colinized by Spain.
What is the most literacy rate in Latin America?
Most countries have a literacy rate of over 75%.
What is the majority of Latin America’s average annual income?
Most countries in Latin America have an average annual income of higher than $5,000.
What is the most Ethnicity in Latin America?
The majority of the people in Latin America are Mestizo.
What are three economic groups in Mexico?
The three economic groups are upper class, middle class, and low income.
What are problems caused by air pollution and water problems in Mexico?
8,000,000 people in Mexico City have no running water.

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