Which is the Tallest Mountain in the world?
Mount Everest 8850m (29035ft) Nepal/China
Name the top 3 largest Metro Area in the world
Toyko, Japan 31.2 million
New York City – Philadelphia area, USA 30.1 million
Mexico City, Mexico 21.5 million
Name the 3 largest city’s in the world
Shanghai, China 13.3 million
Mumbai (Bombay), India 12.6 million
Buenos Aires, Argentina 11.92 million
Name the 2 Largest City’s In North America.
Mexico City, Mexico
New York City, USA
Name the two biggest rivers in the world
Nile, Africa (6,825 km)
Amazon, South America (6,437 km
Name the LARGEST COUNTRIES by Land Mass
Russia 17,075,400 sq km, (6,592,846 sq miles)
Canada 9,330,970 sq km, (3,602,707 sq miles)
China 9,326,410 sq km, (3,600,947 sq miles)
Which Countrys have the most people?
China 1,306,313,800
India 1,080,264,400
USA 295,734,100
Which country has the least amount of people?
Vatican City 920

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