Latin America Landforms Climat

Amazon basin
Holds the world’s largest rain forest
One of the driest places on earth
narrow piece of land that links two larger areas of land
West Indies
another name for the Caribbean
group of islands; Lesser Antilles is one
large plain that covers most of Argentina
fuel for cars used by Brazil; created from sugarcane and gasoline
Panama Canal
Canal created in Panama that allows for large ships to go through the isthmus instead of around the bottom of South America
Has lots of oil and natural gas
largest exporter of copper
Bolivia’s resources
Has trouble because of foreign control
Tropical grasslands through Colombia and Venezuela
Tierra helada
Coldest zone; frozen land; highest elevation
Tierra fria
cold land; forested and grassy areas; farming in summer
tierra templada
temperate land; mild temperatures; most populated; abundant rainfall
tierra caliente
hot land; near sea level; grow tropical crops
Orinoco River
Important river that flows through Venezuela

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