Lesson 3 and 4 Vocabulary

the moisture that falls to the ground as rain, sleet, snow, or hell.
rain shadow
the side of a mountain that faces away from the ocean.
lake effect
how large bodies of water like big lakes or the ocean affect the climate of the land near them.
a strong wind that forms a funnel shape and moves over the ground very quickly, destroying everything in its path.
a storm with very strong winds and heavy rain. they form over the warm waters of the ATlantic Ocean south of the United STates.
the money left over after a business pays for supplies, tools, and workers’ salaries.
a person or company that puts money into a business and expects to get some of the profit in return.
the amount of a product or good that you have for sell.
how much of a product people can and will buy.
opportunity cost
when you decide to buy one thing you give up a chance to buy something else. it is what you gave up. ex. if your class had money and could pay for a field trip or a kite building kit, and they bought the kite kit. the opportunity cost was the field trip

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