Manetz quiz China

What is the official name of China?
The peoples republic of China
What two countries are larger than China?
Russia and Canada
What is the worlds largest plateau in China?
Describe the vegetation in Tibet
Shrubs and Grasses
What fraction of China is mountains?
What makes up 1/3 of China?
Besides mts and plateaus, what other landforms make up most of western China?
Describe eastern China
fertile plains
What percentage of Chinese people live in the east?
Which part of China is more fertile?
What is China a world leader in mining?
Coal and iron ore
What three river valleys are important agricultural areas for China?
Yellow, Yangtze, Xi
What has made the three river valleys in China so fertile?
Floodwater deposits rich soil onto the plains
What change has China made under communism to allow its economy to improve?
It allowed free enterprise
Why are foreign countries eager to invest in china?
They can pay workers less, and have millions of customers
What negative results have come from rapid industrialization?
Many people have become poor from rising prices, and the environment is becoming more polluted
To what ethnic group do most Chinese people belong?
Han Chinese
Family groups that ruled China in ancient times were called __________
Which Chinese belief system stressed that…
A) if everyone was kind, polite, and honest, and obeyed their elders all would be well
B) People should live simple lives in harmony with nature
C) Meditation and wisdom would lead to contentment
A) Confucianism
B) Daoism
C) Buddhism
What people tried to conquer China in the 1700’s and 1800’s?
The European
What Chinese leader tried to free China from foreigners and introduced elected government?
Dr. Sun Yat Sen
What are the two groups and leaders that tried to control China after WW2
Chiang Kai- Shek and the Nationalists
Mao Zedong and the Communists
What group won the battle over China after WW2 and where did the losers flee?
Mao and the Communists
Why did students and workers gather in Tienanmen Square in 1989? What was the governments response?
To demand democracy and political reform
They sent troops and tanks
What part of China has been demanding independence since 1950?
Who is the exiled leader of Tibet, and where has he fled?
The Dalia Lama
What two sports are popular in China?
Ping pong and basketball
List five traditional arts that China is famous for
Pottery, Bowl making, Porcelain making, silk making, jewelry making
How many characters are there in Chinese writing? How many does the average Chinese person use or recognize?
Over 50,000
4-5 Thousand
Who was Confucianism started by, and when?
Confucius around 500 BCE
Name the five superior/inferior relationships in Confucianism
Older/Younger sibling
What are the five virtues?
Hard Work
Who were the social elites for 2000 years after Confucianism?
Mandarins who passed annual Confucian exams
Where is Confucianism strongest today?
South Korea and Japan
Who is the main spokesperson for Daoism?
Lao Tzu
Who founded Buddhism?
Siddhartha Guatma (Buddha)
What is the eightfold path to enlightenment?
1. Recognize that desire is the cause of suffering
2. Think unselfishly
3. Speak only the truth
4. Act thoughtfully and kindly
5. Find work that isn’t hurtful to people or the environment
6.Encourage goodness in others
7. Understand the consequences of your actions
8. Meditate as often as possible
Where did Chinese civilization first form?
The yellow river valley
What gives a dynasty the right to rule?
The mandate of heaven
What did the Europeans sell to the Chinese?
A highly addictive drug called Opium
Why did the Europeans declare war on China?
Because they outlawed the trade of opium
What did the European countries divide China into?
“Spheres of Influence”
What is the rebellion where the Chinese tried to overthrow their government?
The Taiping Rebellion
Who invaded china in 1937?

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