Middle East Geography

Dead Sea
the lowest place on earth
border of jordan and israel
where is the dead sea located
how many times saltier is the dead sea than the ocean?
how much of tthe world’s oil comes from the middle east?
which country was once known for its forests of cedar trees?
what other valuable resource does the middle east have other than oil?
Kuwait and bahrain
what are two examples of countries that have no supplies of fresh water
what country has the largest plant in the world for converting salt water to fresh water?
meaning land that is able to farm
irrigation and ground water
two major sources of water
camels with one hump
camels with two humps
long eyelashes to keep away dirt in eyes and can drink enormous amounts of water at one time, and can go days without water
in what way have camels adapted to the desert
15 – 25 gallons
how many gallons can a camel drink in one time
how many days can a camel go without water?
black sea mediterranean sea caspian sea red sea arabian sea
name the five main seas in the middle east
Europe Asia Africa
the middle east is located between what three continents?
Suez Canal
trade center that makes it easier for boats to get to and from the region
Deserts and Seas
most of the middle east is made up of…
what type of land only receives 10 or less inches of rain a year?
Sahara desert
what is the largest desert in the world
water rises in dry waterbeds and becomes a …
a fertile area in a desert
cool, rainy, winters, and hot dry summers
describe a mediterranean climate
what is a desert dweller or nomad called

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